Racing RECAP #ProChargerTTF

What does #ProChargerTTF mean? 

TTF = To The Front!
Charging to the front of the pack is exactly what all racers want to do with their program week in and week out. ProCharger superchargers provide not only the power to be at the front but the consistency​ to keep you there.  While some companies talk about how great their products are or will be, we are here to dedicate this blog to our amazing racers that are PROOF of what it takes to Win, Runner Up, and take more records home each month than any other power adder.  

Since the last racing blog we have been literally blown away (pun intended) by a number of amazing accomplishments we have to talk about today.  So even though our hands might get tired of typing it all out, TRUST US, we are beyond excited for all of our racers and their crews that we could be a part of their accomplishments.  Without more delay let's get started on what has happened since our last update! (in no particular order)​


Yes, since the last racing blog update, ProCharger supercharged racers have clinched yet another 5 championships in 3 different national series events! We are again proud to provide the consistency it takes to help these racers gain that title they so greatly deserve.  And these names joining the rest are...

NHRA Top Dragster - National Champion
Jeff Strickland
ProCharger F-2 Supercharger

NMCA West - Limited Street
James Lawrence 
ProCharger F3R-121 Supercharger

RTRA - X275
Clint Downs
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

NHRA - Top Dragster Division 3
Al Peavlor
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

NHRA - Top Dragster Division 2
Steve Furr
ProCharger F-1X-12 RaceDrive Supercharger

National and Regional Event Wins and RU (sorry this is long)

Ok, so we are not sorry one bit as to how long this section is going to be.  In fact we can't wipe the smile off our faces, because we know how hard these teams work for these wins, and can't thank them enough for their efforts.  These teams below have put in the effort and the skill to make their car (or bike) go rounds, and make it all the way TTF!  To each of these teams listed below, please accept our "Congratulations" and a "Thank you" from all of us here in the office.   

Radial Fest - Huntsville, AL
"Mustang" Mike Modeste
Twin ProCharger F-1X Superchargers
Class - Limited Drag Radial

Outlaw Racing Championship - Bradenton, FL
Mike Freeman
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger
Class - Ultra Street

MAN. Cup World Finals - SGMP Valdosta, GA
Tak Shigematsu
ProCharger F-1A Supercharger
Class - Top Fuel Harley

NMCA West – Fontana, CA
James Lawrence
ProCharger F3R-121 Supercharger
Class - Limited Street

Dirty South No Prep Series - Houston, TX
Kayla Morton 
ProCharger F3R-136 Supercharger
Class - Big Tire

World Cup Finals - MIR, MD
“Mustang” Mike Modeste
ProCharger Twin F-1X Superchargers
Class - Radial vs Modified

Turkey Bash - Hardinsburg, KY
Richard Talley
ProCharger F1X-12 Supercharger

World Cup Finals - MIR, MD
Rob Goss
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger
Class- X275 vs Hot Rod

RTRA – Denton, TX
Clint Downs
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger
Class - X275

IDBL Battle Royale – MIR, MD
Tony Ficher / DAS Performance
ProCharger C-1R Supercharger
Class - ProStreet 

Ford Fever Classic - MIR, MD
Chris Evans
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger
Class- Ultra Street

Street Car Takeover - Houston, TX
Jared Meuhlhausen
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger
Class - Stick Shift and Roll Race (two classes, at one event)  (CLICK FOR VIDEO OF PASS) 

Ontario Street Outlaws - Canada
Stan Mazur / Paul Norris
Class - Unlimited

Shakedown at the Summit– Norwalk, OH
Charlie Cooper
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger
Class - ProStreet

No Mercy 7 – SGMP, GA
Joel Greathouse
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger
Class – Ultra Street – Runner Up

No Mercy 7 – SGMP, GA
Don Burton
ProCharger F-3R-136 Supercharger
Class – Pro275 – Runner Up

No Mercy 7 – SGMP, GA
Phil Hines
ProCharger F-3R-121 Supercharger
Class – Outlaw Drag Radial – Runner Up

Holly Springs Fall Brawl – Holly Springs, MS
Jimmy White
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger
Class - X275 – Runner Up

World Cup Finals – MIR, MD
George Farkouh/Louie Filippides
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger
Class - Street Fighter – Runner Up

Even MORE Records set since last racing blog!

We will be doing an end of the year wrap up blog that will cover ALL of the records set this year with ProCharger superchargers.  However we wanted to showcase just a couple of records set by full blown street cars.  To showcase what is possible these days with efficent forced induction, amazing OEM engines and drivetrains.

Worlds Fastest C7 Corvette 1/4 Record
Late Model Racecraft 
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger

Worlds Fastest C7 Z06 Corvette 1/2 Mile Record
191.81 mph (also was the first in the 8's in the 1/4)
Sam Miller / Advanced Modern Performance
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Come check ProCharger Superchargers out at the PRI SHOW!

If you are checking out the list of amazing accomplishments these racers above have achieved and want to add your name to the list and happen to be at the PRI trade show coming up...stop on by Booth(Boost) #101.  Yes, that is correct we again this year will be bringing a little something for everyone at this year's show, and you can find us by clicking the link below.


If you are not going to PRI, but still want ProCharger boost on your ride...

Just drop us a quick email or phone call to our sales, tech, or racing staff and we will be happy to help.  Our phone lines are open M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm CST, and email is always open at 

Thanks again to all of our Champs, Winners, Runners-Up!