ProChargers are dominating Top Dragster Class

From Wins to overall consistency and Power...

ProCharger powered Top Dragsters are changing this class forever, with no signs of slowing down (Slight pun intended).  It seems every single one of these winning combos not only visually stands out from the crowd, but also in terms of ProCharger model, size of motor, and carb vs efi.  From "side slinger" mounted ProChargers, gear drive ProChargers, and now the RaceDrive units in the class the unique combos of these builds and the level of quality is beyond words.  

Even though all these blown monsters are unique in almost every thing they all share, the consistency and power to WIN.  Taking home the "Wally" at the end of a long weekend is what it is all about.  Being able to consistently deliver that performance round after round, weekend after weekend with as little maintenance as possible is icing on the cake. Using an efficient ProCharger supercharger has proven to bring that consistency to this class with (2) division championships and the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP last year won using ProCharger power!  In this blog we are going to cover some of the recent wins (at least the ones we know about) and feature some of the unique dragsters in this amazing class.   

Some ProCharger Blown Racers to keep your eyes on!

We can't possibly keep up with all of the amazing teams that are packing ProCharger supercharger power these days.  However below is a list of some of the teams that we love hearing about, after their trips to the track.  These guys have put together some truly amazing machines, and backed them up with great crews and driving skills to consistently take home wins, #1 qualifiers, and collect those "Wallys" we all love seeing.  In absolutely no particular order...

Jimmy Sackuvich
ProCharger F-3R-136 Top Dragster

He might have skipped graduation night to go racing, but he did it with style by turning on the win lights in this rail! 

Greg Ruleau
Bracket Racing
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger

This rail should be named "Attn2detail" because this might just be the most intense paint job we have ever seen on a ProCharger. (not to mention race valve)

Andy Johnson
ProCharger F3R-136 Top Dragster 

When Andrew Johnson shows up to a race, you KNOW he came to win.  His F-3R-136 and BAE HEMI combo makes sure power is NOT a problem. 

Mike Coughlin (
ProCharger F-3R-136 Top Dragster 

Having a Proline engine stuffed with boost from a F-3R-136 we can't even imagine the HP level this rails at! 

JR Baxter 
ProCharger F-1X-12 RaceDrive Top Dragster

It seems JR Baxter has turned winning Wallys into a full blown hobby.  JR has been on FIRE this year with WINS! Backing up his Championship winning 2015 season results. 

* Photo Credit Dave Reinking 

Joe Fisher
ProCharger F-1X-12 RaceDrive Top Dragster

Joe is no stranger to taking home trophies in this chrome'd out rail, and we can't wait to see that continue. 

Jeff Strickland
ProCharger F2 Top Dragster

Jeff's year is already off to a great start obviously, though we have a hunch that will continue through the year

Bobby Ray McMahan
ProCharger F2 Top Dragster

Since switching to ProCharger power, Bobby Ray has already enjoy event wins and running well over 200 mph! 

Joe Hessling
ProCharger F-1X-12 RaceDrive Top Dragster

Another driver having a great year is Joey Hessling of APD, bringing home wins and making big big power. 

Kathy Fisher
ProCharger F-2 Top Dragster

For 5 full seasons Kathy has been running her ProCharger combo, and having a blast!  Be sure and check out here racing action at Performance by Fisher.

Marco Abruzzi
ProCharger F-1X Top Dragster

Marco has enjoyed the blown boost from his "side slinger" F-1X combo.  Which helped power him to a Championship in 2015! 


Rob Moser
ProCharger F-1X Top Dragster

Rob is absolutely no stranger to what it takes to WIN.  His ProCharger powered Top Dragster is an example of just that.

Want to "boost" your Top Dragster or racing program?

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