ProCharger Supercharging your TV!

ProCharger supercharged HP everywhere!

From magazine tech features / customer features / internet write ups / forum postings / facebook and more...sometimes we forget to mention the TV shows that feature some amazing ProCharger supercharged action.  Here is a quick rundown of some "boosted" shows that you can find ProCharger boosted machines gracing your TV screen.  In no particular order, we hope you enjoy some of the links below. 

Engine Power --
Pat and Mike strap on over 300HP!

Yes, you are reading that correct these guys bolted on 271 rear wheel HP in just a matter of hours to this S550 Mustang GT.  The same kinda install you can do in your garage with common hand tools, and load the supplied programming included in the system.  Take a look and check out the full install by clicking the image below.  (For more information on the ProCharger Mustang GT Supercharger systems please click HERE

Gearz --
Stacey David always has some sort of ProCharger supercharged toy. 

Over the years Stacey David has featured ProChargers on everything from his own personal Dodge Ram truck to F-150's, Chargers, and even a RANGER!  Stacey and his team build some amazing rides of all shapes and sizes, and we LOVE watching!  For more information on where to find Gearz just click HERE for a full listing of where to find this entertaining show. 

ToyMakerz --
David bolts on HUGE ProCharger power onto a 5th Gen Camaro! 

On a recent episode, David and the gang just recently stuffed a bunch of ProCharger supercharged boost into a 5th generation Camaro SS.  Just how much power did it make? Well, we can't let the cat out of the bag, you will just have to tune in and find out!  To find listings for this show, just click the image below.  (For more information on supercharging your Camaro SS, please click HERE

Unique Rides --
Will creates the ultimate Jeep JK for DJ Khaled! 

DJ Khaled is one of the most popular social icons in the DJ world and wanted a Wrangler that was just as "Unique" as him, well here is the result!  Packing lots of custom work on the outside and on the inside, the 3.6L ProCharger supercharged power plant is icing on the cake.  Click on the image below to enjoy a link to the TV episode so you can see the full build.  (For more information on ProCharger JK Supercharger systems please click HERE

Street Outlaws --
More ProCharger boost coming to the show!

We know those loyal fans of this amazing show on the Discovery channel will know the latest season just ended.  However, with that being said we are proud to announce that a few more OKC racers will be joining the ProCharger ranks.   We have already announced a couple such as Daddy Dave, and James Goad to be joining Shane and his Vega with ProCharger supercharged boost, but keep your eyes peeled for a few more might just pop up.   (For more information on our racing superchargers please click HERE)   


Want to supercharge your ride like these TV stars?

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