ProCharger Supercharged Voodoo is here! (GT350)

5.2L Flat-Plane Supercharged Voodoo Action is here!

The Mustang Shelby GT350 ProCharger supercharger system is one of the most anticipated systems we have launching.  These cars were born for the track and love being at high-rpm singing the song that only a flat-plane crank can give you. We can't go into loads of details yet, however we can tell you that we designed this system JUST for this amazing GT350. Installation is easy with no permanent modifications, no motor mount changes, no trimming/cutting/bending of any sort. 

ProCharger Tuner kits start shipping shortly...

...With full systems to start shipping soon after. Our customers will be enjoying supercharged power with no power fade consistently lap after lap on the track with our system. Thanks to the worry free air-to-air intercooler and highly efficient supercharger head units inlet air temps are kept to an absolute minimum. A custom ProCharger air-to-air intercooler was designed specifically for this GT350 front nose, for maximum cooling and perfect OEM fit and finish.  Boost is a beautiful thing, just like this GT350! 

Here's how to get on "The List"...

For more details on this system, or to be placed on the contact list for the release of the shipping date, please email us at or drop us a line to 913-338-2886