ProCharger-power in the dirt. Championship Tractor Puller and Mud Racer

For years, ProCharger-equipped race cars, trucks, boats and motorcycles have been tearing it up on drag strips, road courses, lakes and rivers, the Bonneville Salt Flats and even old airport runways. However, there are some hard-core horsepower addicts who like to put their ProCharger power to work in the dirt and in the mud.

Bracken Brothers Pulling Tractor

Brothers Scott and Mike Bracken run their twin-engined "Outlaw" tractor in the Missouri State Tractor Pulling Assocation's 7,400 lb Modified class. Twin HEMI engines can only mean one...OK, two things: two ProCharger F-3R-135 superchargers! Each of of the monster HEMI's displace 498 cubic inches and really come to life when fed 40+ pounds of ProCharger boost. Put all this together and you have more than 4,400 dirt-flinging horsepower!

Bracken's Outlaw uses two ProCharger F-3R superchargers

And how are the Bracken's doing? Quite well thank you. After securing a season championship in the 7,200 lb modified class in 2008, the powerful Bracken team is currently 1st in the 2010 points with several more events to go.

PRO-BADD Mud racer

The Professional Racing Organization’s Blown Alcohol Dirt Drags (PRO-BADD) are the fastest 4-wheel drive blown alcohol racers in the country and this is where you'll find Andy Garrett competing in his custom-built “Bamboozled” mud racer. Running a 500-cid all-aluminum AMC/Jeep engine, Garrett uses a ProCharger F-3A-123 self-contained supercharger to power-up his mud-flinging monster.
PRO-BADD racer, Andy Garrett launches
Running alcohol fuel through a custom EFI set up, Garrett’s very unusual ProCharger-enhanced combination produces more than 1,800 HP! Through the month of June, Garrett and Bamboozled have already scored two class wins and are looking for more.

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