ProCharger invades OKC for TWO MAJOR EVENTS!

This weekend: Street Car Takeover in OKC!

OK, if you haven't seen our blogs about how much fun a Street Car takeover event is...please click HERE and HERE.  Those previous blogs give just a glimps of all the action that gets packed into these events.  If you have a high HP street car and like both "dig" and "roll" racing, this is the event for you.  

FRIDAY 5pm-11pm: Twin Peaks I-40

The meet and greet at Twin Peaks on Friday is always a blast.  We love being able to talk to loads of ProCharger supercharger owners, or some of you that might just have some questions about supercharging.  Plus it's always awesome to see what kind of power people can lay down on the mobile dyno.  

Saturday 11am-10pm: Thunder Valley 

The track is ready for roll racing, and drag racing action...are you?  We can't wait to see how many cars come to do battle this year at the track, espeically after 500+ cars were just at the Denver SCT event.  Oh, and yes, we are bringing our trailer out this year for all you merch lovers, so come stop by and snag a t-shirt and check out some of the amazing boosted cars/trucks we will have on display.  

"Roll" racing is a huge hit for the high powered street cars like this vette below...

And we all know and love the wheels up drag racing action.  (The "Yeti" featured below packs ProCharger power!) 

Next up: The mother of all "no-prep" events... Outlaw Armageddon

Aug 11th and 12th --- This is the event to be at, without a doubt.  Being that Thunder Valley is the home town track to many of the T.V. stars, you KNOW the action is going to be intense! AND you are going to be able to get your eyes on a BUNCH of ProCharger supercharged racers such as...

- Kayla Morton (Let's see if she can continue her winning streak) 
- Daddy Dave (This guy is LOVING that ProCharger boost!) 
- Shane Mac (Yes, him and Bob will be doing battle in the ProCharger Vega)
- The Sonoma (It's back, and it's ProCharger blown and flying!) 
- Bank Note (Jeremy and his Nova are dialed in to haul the mail!) 
- Megalodon (Just like its name, this car is something to be feared!)
- Lizzard (Between the sounds of boost, and the paint, you won't miss this car) 

That is the short list of some of the amazing ProCharger blown cars/trucks that will be on site.  Be sure and check back in to our blog as we do a full wrap-up of the event.   Come join is in person for the fun, for we will be on display and ready to answer any questions you have about boost. 

Want to watch this event live?

Thanks to the fine folks over at this event will be streaming LIVE in HD quality.  Click on the link HERE, or the image below to go straight to the action.  


Want to add some ProCharger boost to your high powered street car?

Drop us a line to 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (CST) or an email to

Our experienced sales and tech staff will be happy to assist you from start to finish.