ProCharger Dominates LT-1 and LT-4 Camaro RECORDS!

2018-16 Camaro SS forced induction domination!

We know that "domination" is a pretty bold word to throw around.  However we can't think of a better one to use for explaining the amazing results our supercharged customers have had on this platform.  From the army of daily driver street car customers enjoying 600/700/800 supercharged horsepower, to the record setting performance in both the LT-1 and LT-4 categories, ProCharger's records include: 

- Quickest and Fastest 1/8 mile
- Quickest and Fastest 1/4 mile
- Fastest 1/2 mile
- Highest RWHP (modified engine) 
- Highest RWHP (unmodified engine) 

We want to thank our amazing customers for have created these record-setting machines, and look foward to what the future holds!  This video helps sum up our excitment in a single segment.  Enjoy!

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