ProCharger boost is all OVER the Internet!

Nothing wrong with "Supercharging" the internet right? 

Of course, there isn't, everyone loves a little BOOST to their daily reading right?  Ok, enough corny jokes this blog is a bit different than others we have done.  There are lots of magazines that do some pretty amazing ProCharger projects that not everyone may get on the newsstands.  Well thanks to the internet, we can all now see a lot of content that previously wasn't available.  There is no way we could cover all of the amazing ProCharger supercharged content floating around the internet, so we had to just grab a couple recent ones here and there.  We reached out and found some great Dodge, Ford, and GM content for you guys to keep your eyes busy for a bit.  So kick back, relax, and enjoy some of these amazing projects...

This "Shoebox" is packing 1,300+ ProCharged HP! - Via Hot Rod Magazine

If you have an eye for detail and horsepower then this is a "must click" write up.  Honestly, we always know to expect the very best when you hear the name "Pro Rides" and "Terzich" in the same sentence.  Well, this time you can add the words "ProCharger" and "Boost" to that seneance and find yourself talking about this amazing 1955 Chevy.  To find out more about this F-2 supercharged machine, click the link HERE and visit the Hot Rod magazine website! 

This GT350 is no one trick pony! - Via Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Ford engineers knocked this 5.2L "VooDoo" motor out of the park!  Honestly, the sounds this motor makes at 8,300rpm might just be heaven on earth to us gearheads.  BUT, to make the sound even better, how about adding just a few pounds of ProCharger supercharged boost?  Well, that is exactly what the guys at MM&FF magazine did, and you can read all of the details by clicking HERE or the image below.  What do you think, could this be the ultimate daily driver? Enjoy the read Ford fans!  

OVER 200+ HP with just 6psi of BOOST! - Via Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords

Speaking of ProCharger supercharged GT350's, that's exactly what Addiction Motorsports did on their latest GT350 install, featured in the Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine.  Yes over 205 rwhp gain on pump gas and low boost, plus loads of extra TQ that totally changes the driving expereince.  These ProCharger systems are the ultimate bang for the buck gain a Shelby owner could ever ask for with NO perminant changes to the car!  Read more on this install by clicking HERE or the image below. 

Bolting on 300 HP to a 6.0L LS engine the easy - Via Super Chevy

"But wait there is more" is a phrase often overused on the internet;  however, in this case, it couldn't be truer.  The story below is just PART 1 of this 6.0L engines story and it's ProCharger D-1SC supercharger.  Even after maxing out their fuel injectors, Super Chevy already far exceeded their goals with a whopping 824 hp at just 11.5 psi of boost!  But like we said, just wait...'cause this monster isn't done yet.  Click the photo below for the fuel write up, and watch for PART 2 coming up soon. 

Bikes LOVE ProCharger Boost as well! - Via Baggers Magazine

140 Wheel Horsepower from this 96" Harley motor with a touch of boost from a ProCharger B-1 supercharger.  No matter if you are cruising to bike night, or passing in the mountains at elevation, everyone loves the rush of power that only a ProCharger can deliever on these 2 wheel machines.  Have a H-D machine in your garage and want to know learn more about adding easy bolt on HP to it?  Check out this write up by clicking HERE, or the photo below. 

Supercharging a HEMI Shaker Challenger! - Via Mopar Muscle

A Scat Pack 6.4L Challenger is a wicked fun car to drive in stock form.  However, the guys and gals over at Mopar Muscle learned that after dropping this car off at House of Boost and adding just 7psi of ProCharger supercharged boost, it can quickly and easily turn into a MONSTER!  If you want to know how to add up to or more than 200hp to your HEMI 6.4L Charger, Challenger, or 300c...check out the write-up below by clicking on the image! 

Rob Goss and HHP reset HEMI record - Via Car Craft

If there is a way to set yourself apart in the field of highly competitive heads up drag racing, it's to run an engine nobody else is.  Now usually running that engine alone would be worthy of noting, but when you are running at the top of the class, well that says something.  Rob Goss and the HHP crew have pushed the limits of what is possible using the ProCharger supercharged powered GENIII HEMI engine.   For more details on this record setting, race winning, title holding Mopar, click the image below! 

Four digit horsepower and beyond! (1,267HP) - Via Super Chevy

Not too long ago, the idea of 750hp was a big deal, 850 being even better.  Nowadays 1,000hp street cars are almost becoming dare we say "normal".   So how about we let Super Chevy show everyone just how easy it is to go well beyond "normal" into the area of AMAZING.  The gang bolts on one of the highly efficient F-1A-94 ProCharger superchargers and belts out ONE THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED, and SIXTY SEVEN mind numbing horsepower!  Click HERE or the image below to watch the video of this four digit monster in action!  

Massive Horsepower with Blow Through Carb?  YES PLEASE! - Via HOT ROD

Earlier we listed a link to a techno monster known as the GT350.  Yet here we are reminded that sometimes "older" tech can still be king of the streets and track.  Andy Gollbergs bright Atlantic blue (amazing color) Mustang is an example of just that.  The guys over at HOT ROD have a great write up on all the details of this ProCharger supercharged monster, except one...what it runs flat out.  That is a secret that only opponents of this car will find out.  Click HERE or the image below to find out more! 

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