ProCharger adds up to 200+ HP to 2017 GM Truck/SUVs

Another COUPLE HUNDRED horsepower to play with? 

Absolutely!  And who wouldn't want that extra power in their new toy? It's no secret to owners of these new GM trucks and SUV's that these new 5.3L and 6.2L engines are some of the best GM has ever put between the frame rails, and they LOVE supercharged boost!  We are beyond excited to be adding the 2017 model year to our line of truck and SUV supercharger system.  So if trucks and SUVs making more than 500rwhp gets you excited, keep reading as we dive into some details!

Pump gas performance you can feel! 

We aren't talking a couple ponies here, we are talking about up to 45% more HP!  Yes, that's right, we said up to 200+ more bolt on horsepower for these daily driver full systems!  With supercharger boost levels of just 8-9psi, thanks to our highly efficient supercharger head units and highly effective air-to-air intercoolers, customers can expect up to 200+ HP gain* on premium pump fuel!


*= Power gains on 6.2L trucks

Options to fit anyone's power and aesthetic goals! 

The ProCharger HO supercharger systems come standard with our proven P-1SC-1 head unit, handheld tuning device, and 3-core intercooler... but that's just the beginning of the fun!  Our customers can choose from a list of options to make sure their system is perfectly tailored to their needs.  We will breakdown these options in the following list:

- Inlet (standard or forward facing)
- Head units (P-1SC-1, P-1X, D-1SC, D-1X, all the way up to F-1A-94)
- Intercooler locations (standard horizontal or vertical front mount) 
- Bracket finishes (satin, polished, or texture black) 
- Supercharger head unit finishes (satin, polished, or texture black) 
- Bypass valves (ProFlow, Bullet, or Race Valve) 

For those that have headers, cam swaps, and other modifications we offer a full range of "Tuner Kits" that can be custom tailored to your power goals and don't include our tuning or handheld to save you some $$. 

DIY friendly installation!

If you own a set of common hand tools, (chances are you do) this supercharger system can be installed in about 6-8 hours!  Or better described as "a good fun day in the garage."  ProCharger engineers went out of their way to make this install a breeze, and include highly detailed full-color instructions that even tell you what size tool to use on each bolt!  

*Click Image or HERE for a step by step install done by TruckTrend

For those that may lease their trucks, or trade them frequently, rest easy.  All these new ProCharger supercharger systems are designed to be 100% fully-removable with no permanent modifications to the truck! Yes, that is correct, you can put her back to 100% stock - including the tune - in less time than it took you to install it! 

From the undisputed leader in GM LT Forced Induction!

Since GM started the DI (Direct Injection) engine program for cars and trucks, ProCharger has been lucky enough to have loads of amazing customers setting records both on the dyno, and on the track.  No matter if you are talking about Corvettes, Camaros, or Trucks and SUVs, ProCharger is honored to hold every current supercharged record on this new engine platform.

- Fastest Supercharged 2014+ GM Truck LT based
- Fastest 2016+ Camaro SS LT1
- Fastest 2016+ Camaro ZL1 LT4
- Fastest 2014+ Corvette C7 LT1
- Fastest 2015+ Corvette Z06 LT4

Are you ready to add some BOOST to your rig? 

Drop our friendly sales staff a line to 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm (CST) or and we will be happy to answer any question you might have regarding your truck or SUV and adding some ProCharger supercharged boost!