ProCharger 101: Covering basics and beyond of Air-to-Air Intercooling

We go beyond the basics of ProCharger Air-to-Air Intercooling:

It’s a simple fact of physics: cooler air makes more power. On street-driven vehicles, air-to-air intercooling is a natural fit because it locates the intercooler at the front of the vehicle where it is exposed to a constant supply of cooling airflow. Engineered with large-volume air plenums, ProCharger’s air-to-air intercoolers utilize a highly effective and extremely durable bar and plate intercooler core design that provides large surface areas for superior levels of heat dispersion. 

Here are some of the topics we cover...

Can I Paint My Intercooler?
What Is The Best Intercooler?
How Long Do They Last?
Is There Any Maintenance?
Good Vs Bad Intercooler
How to Measure Boost and Temperature
And MORE...

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