ProCharged Snowmobile Wins Gold at X games, and 310 RWHP Harley!

On the street ...

Mark Foss’s 2007 Road Glide has recently become somewhat of an internet sensation. The bike built by Kendall Johnson Customs was recently videoed terrorizing the streets with over 310 rear wheel horsepower. On the throttle power wheelies are had at ease going pretty much any speed. The internet has responded with over 500,000 views of the video seen below. The bike features a Zach Johnson massaged 127ci S&S engine and C-1R supercharger and custom intercooler. Keep eyes out for a full magazine feature article offering all the details on this awesome bike.

Huge ProCharger Harley Wheelie Video 310 Horsepower

310 HP Harley ProCharger Bagger Supercharged

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On the snow…..

ESPN X-Games Aspen 2015 saw the return of Hillcross to the snowmobile sport line-up. This is a run-what-you-dare class pitting the best riders on the fastest sleds around. Sounds like a perfect fit for some instant ProCharger power. Riders lined up six across racing uphill and against the clock. Ryan Simons drilled the hole-shot and led the field into turn one each heat and in the final making the Gold Medal almost look easy! This sled is packing a Speedwerx built ProCharger B-1 powered Arctic Cat 2-Stroke 800cc engine making 220+ hp.

ProCharger Powered Arctic Cat Supercharged Wins ESPN X-games Hillcross

Engine bay shot

The GOLD medal!

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