ProCharged 405 Racers are starting the year off RIGHT!

Big, Consistent and Reliable Power with Boost from ProCharger! 

It's no big secret that for years and years Oklahoma racer Shane McAlary and his Black Bird Vega has enjoyed years of dead reliable / consistent / brutal horsepower from his ProCharged small block chevy combo.  And that recently a few of his fellow OK racers have also joined the ProCharger supercharged army (and more to come).  In this blog, we will talk details about these guys, and their boosted adventures so far in 2017.

Shane and Bob are back in a brand new VEGA!

Yes, sadly those of you that watch the show will know that the original Black Bird Vega was a total write off last July.  With such a violent crash, all of us here in the office were happy to see Shane and Bob walk away and quickly recover to get back in the swing of things.  What we NEVER expected was Shane and his crew to have an all new car ready to go just 4 months later.  This all new Vega was even debuted at the PRI show in December!  Talk about a man dedicated to his sport! 

With a new car comes shake down time and a learning curve.  Though, after checking out this clip of the new cars first street hit, we think Shane and Bob already have their eyes on moving up the list.  To coin an internet term here...#shegone! 

When racers put a new car together it always becomes a learning process to get everything dialed in.  Well, Shane also decided to throw himself another curve ball, by strapping on a pair of tiny radials to the back of his Black Bird!  These new shoes were required at the event that goes by the name of "Lights Out" down in GA.   Not only did Shane have a great time on the track at the event, he even stopped by the ProCharger booth to sign some autographs and chat with the fans.   One thing is for sure, we are willing to bet this won't be the last time you see this car on radials! 

Small Block Chevy 
ProCharger F-3R-121 Supercharger
Holley EFI on Alky

Daddy Dave's FIRST PASS on Radial = Wheeeeeeels UP then #1! 

So just like Shane, Dave Comstock (Daddy Dave) put on a pair of tiny radials to do battle at Lights Out as well.  Here is what happened on his FIRST PASS ever on this tire!  As they say on TV "but wait... there's more"...

We don't know if the F.A.A. called and told him no more "low altitude fly-by's" or what.  But after this pass, Dave and the crew showed EVERYONE what his ProCharger F-1X-12 supercharged machine could do by taking THE #1 QUALIFYING POSITION!  Yes, this brand new ProCharger car on the first time on radials goes #1 at the biggest radial tire event in the world!  Talk about an amazing accomplishment for the entire Comstock team and everyone involved in getting that car down the track. 

Going from Wheelie to #1 Qualifier in just a few passes:

Since most racers haven't been able to see the front end of this car after it swapped to the ProCharger supercharger,  we thought we would take a moment to show off the business end of this fine racecar, thanks to these stunning photos by 405 Photography.   From winning money at No-Prep events to taking home the #1 qualifying spot, this car is on a mission this year (and no we can't give away details on "the list" so don't ask).   We are all looking forward to a great 2017 seasons for Dave and his team.  

Big Block Chevy 
ProCharger F-1X-12RD (RaceDrive) Supercharger
ADP Blow Through Carb on Alky

The Sonoma is doing WORK with its Supercharged Combo! 

There were two things that people used to know about the Sonoma...1) It was brutally fast and 2) It broke a LOT of motors.  Here at ProCharger, we are beyond excited that we helped Jackie change both those items for the better.   The truck is now faster than ever and rock solid reliable thanks to its F-3R-136 supercharger attached to that big block chevy.  Take a peek at the footage below of Jackie and the Sonoma recently giving the track at Sacramento all it could take and then some!

Big Block Chevy 
ProCharger F-3R-136 Supercharger
EFI on Alky

At another event, Jackie and this supercharged Sonoma enjoyed taking home a $5000 payday at the "King of the Tailgate" event.  Below is a great highlight video of the truck from showing just how hard this truck leaves round after round.  Congratulations from all of us here in the office to Jackie and his team on the well-deserved victory.  

The truck also got a bit of a cosmetic "face lift" recently which we all love here in the office.  Thanks to Tom Finale for the wonderful image of this truck out in sunny California. 

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