Making the switch: ProChargers give racers reliability and consistency!

ProChargers = consistent and reliable race programs

Without a doubt, one of the most important things in racing is winning. However, to get those wins it takes a lot of hard work from the drivers and teams. Thankfully, with ProCharger supercharged engine combinations, teams can now count on one of the most cost-effective, consistent, and reliable methods of finishing first.

Our racers have racked up 100 wins already in 2019 which has engine and chassis builders taking notice. But don't just take our word for it, check out the videos below. 

Leaving the twins behind, Axman swaps to ProCharger: 

Owner/driver Larry "Axman" Roach has one of the most unique Nova's to ever hit the racing surface. Now, the entire internet was talking these past weeks, as this once twin-turbo ride has made the swap to a single ProCharger...and drove right to the finals its first event out!  The HEMI onboard between the frame rails is now being force-fed from a crank driven ProCharger F-3X-140. With a hard-working and talented crew behind this car, and the deadly consistent power of ProCharger, Larry put the No Prep scene on notice. 

Enough typing, let the amazing video below shock you with some of the best footage all year! 

Hard Racing unstraps both roots, goes to ProCharger's and sets record:

Tyler Hard and Kevin McCurdy both recently got everyone's attention after removing the roots blowers from both cars in their camp. These nearly identical machines now both run ProCharger F-3X-140's in front of their Noonan engines. These cars are well known in the PDRA ProBoost and ProMod classes and shortly after making the swap, Tyler became the fastest centrifugal supercharged car on the planet at 5.76@252.  


Please enjoy the record-setting pass from Tyler below.  

Behind the scenes with Pro Line Racing and their ProCharger packages:

Not very often do engine builders reveal what they have going on behind the scenes. But lucky for our viewers Pro Line Race engines has "pulled back the curtains" to show off their new engine program involving ProCharger superchargers. Please enjoy the video below talking about the new program that powered the first radial car into the 3.50 zone, has repeatedly set the centrifugal supercharger records, and will be making its debut in NHRA ProMod this weekend at the US nationals.  

Ready to put your race program in the winner's circle? 

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