Looking for a supercharger system for your modern HEMI? 

Of course, you are, and that is why you made it to this blog. Here at ProCharger superchargers, we are honored to be the undisputed leader in supercharging these modern HEMI engines.  With loads of street systems for virtually all HEMI based cars and trucks, we are also proud of our legacy of supercharging these motors since they first came out.  From the driveway to the dragstrip we have the perfect way for you to add loads of reliable power, and now with even more EO #'s 

These ProCharger systems 50-state legal and CARB approved! 

Fair warning this list of supercharger systems with EO approval numbers is LONG.  But before we get into that, some of you might be asking "what is an EO?" so let us explain.  When a company creates a product that modifies a vehicle, there is a process to prove to the ARB (air research board) that the vehicle's emissions have not been altered from stock.   This is no easy task as we are bolting on some major horsepower here at ProCharger.   

However, our engineers have put in the hard hours, to design the very best supercharger systems possible.  Not only for great power gains, but also to make sure that installation is easy, and emissions standards can be maintained so that vehicles with the following systems can all pass Smog check stations, BAR Referee stations, or by the ARB.  So let's get to the list that matters of all our amazing Gen3 HEMI supercharger systems with EO numbers.      

• 2011-2018 Dodge Challenger 6.4L (HO and Stage II System)

• 2011-2018 Dodge Challenger, Charger and Chrysler 300C 5.7L (HO System)

• 2012-2018 Dodge Charger 6.4L (HO System) 

• 2015-2018 RAM 5.7L (Stage II System) 

• 2012-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 6.4L (HO System)

• 2011-2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7L (HO System)

• 2012-2014 Chrysler 300C 6.4L (HO System)

100% Turn-Key Systems huge pump gas power gains!

With thousands of ProCharger HEMI's running around the planet (yes we said planet), you can confidence in knowing you are buying the very in bolt-on performance.  And we aren't just talking about 1 or 2 horsepower here...we are talking about gains up to 200 horsepower on pump gas!  

The engineers here at ProCharger wanted to make sure these systems were built to last, but also easy enough for the DIY kinda crowd.  These systems come with literally everything you need to install the system in your garage over the course of a weekend, except for tools.  With easy to read full-color instructions, we get down to the details such as calling out each size tool to use on each bolt.    

No matter if you're looking for more power to tow, haul the family, or hitting the drag strip on the weekends, our supercharger systems will have you grinning ear to ear once your right foot goes down a little harder on the "skinny pedal."   

2019 HEMI owners looking for boost, we got you covered!

That is right, we are already shipping systems for the 2019 model years!  Now, as you can see from the above list, our EO#'s don't cover the 2019's just yet, however, owners of Challengers, Rams, and even 300's can now enjoy boost for their 2019 5.7 and 6.4L HEMI powered cars and trucks.  For more details on these systems, please contact our sales department. 

Want to make your HEMI the baddest on the block?

Give our sales staff a call or email us at the following contact methods below. Or you can click here to find a dealer nearby to help out with your vehicle. We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions about supercharger systems and the results you can expect.

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