Fastest Pump Gas Car in America

America's Fastest Pump Gas Car

Jim Plimpton has really made a name for himself in the big-power pump gas world; taking top honors in the 2008 HOT ROD Pump Gas Drags as well as finishing in the top 5 at the 2008 DynoMax Power to the Wheels competition with 1443 RWHP.

If you thought his resume was full, think again. On October 18th at Great Lakes Dragway during Halloween Havoc Plimpton and his Thunderbird, powered by an intercooled ProCharger F-3R-139 supercharger, went 7.95 @ 182 mph on pump gas and D.O.T. tires. This run establishes Plimpton's T-Bird as the fastest pump gas car in America.

"It is the fastest pump gas car in America - Thanks to you [ProCharger] guys!" - Jim Plimpton

This title was previously held for years by the Super Chevy / ProCharger Project Nova.  Congratulations to Jim for raising the bar once again. For more information on Project Nova, please visit Super Chevy / ProCharger Project Nova.