The Fab FOUR! ProCharger Powers Record Setting Camaro

Three successes of the same kind, especially consecutive...

That sentence above is the Webster's dictionary definition of a "hat trick." Which was going to to be the theme of this weeks blog talking about the top 3 fastest Gen6 Camaros on the planet...except one small hiccup.

As we were typing this out, we were informed that at least the top FOUR of the fastest Camaro SS's are ProCharged (and possibly more)! So the theme is no longer valid, so that leads us to the next theme...

The "Fab Four" fastest Gen 6 Camaro SS's:

8.83@159 MPH - Fireball Camaro / B&R Racing
8.84@157 MPH - GPI / Kevin Martin
8.88@157 MPH - 42 Autosports
9.37@150 MPH - Cunningham Motorsports 

Here in the office we are humbled and honored to hear of these record-setting accomplishments buy our equally amazing customers. This blog is for us to share some details on each of these cars, and break down some of the details on how each of them got there. Congrats again to all involved in each car from start to finish. In order of track times, let's get this blog moving...

#1 RECORD HOLDER 8.83@159 MPH -- Fireball Camaro / B&R Performance

The guys at Fireball Camaro / B&R Performance have spent the better part of this year making sure they hang onto this #1 spot. After all, these guys should be used to that, considering they are also on a TV on the Discovery Channel with the same theme. This Camaro was the first to the 10's the 9's and even the 8-second barrier.  The Fireball is packing an F-1A-94 supercharger and Air-to-Air intercooler to make this records setting pass.  

We got a chance to check the Fireball out at PRI, and see its new set up. The guys haven't taken it to the track yet with it's newly installed F-1X in place and air to water intercooler.  But we have to guess that the next time they hit the track, they have their sights s on lowering that record even further!  From all of here in the office, congrats on your "#1 Spot" as they say on TV. 

#2 -- 8.84@157 MPH -- Kevin Martin / Gwatney Performance Innovations

Yes, just 1 thousandths of a second separate these two on the list of fastest Gen6 Camaros!  A built LT-1 motor is also the foundation for Kevin Martin's supercharged machine, however, runs this 1/4 mile number on what the internet calls "Boost Only."   Meaning that only the ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger is providing assistance in the 376 cube motors power production. 

Each time this car hits the track it get's a little faster, and a little faster.  This is one serious machine and we wish Kevin and the GPI guys the best in their quest to go faster! 

#3 -- 8.88@157 MPH -- 42 AutoSports / Roho Snyper

This Camaro SS breaks the theme of "Red" as well as a few other items.  Most notably is the high rise intake that peeks from its hood, being stuffed full of boost from a ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharged.  The video below has some killer in-car footage of this car yanking the front end up as the rears claw for traction on launch.       

We have watched this car get faster and faster as the year went on, and wish the guys at 42 Autosports the very best in this car next track outing.    

#4 -- 9.39@149 -- Cunningham Motorsports 

Ryne Cunningham wanted to join the party in his "Daily Driver."  Yes, this car is full weight (plus some) and is one of the more basic combos of the bunch.  Ryan swapped out a set of rods and pistons, added a camshaft and stuffed this car full of boost from as you guessed it an F-1A-94 ProCharger.  This car runs our Air-to-Water race intercooler system to keep IAT's way down and can be seen in a write up HERE. 

This awesome daily driver has even graced the bit of film as its featured in a couple videos by Power Automedia.  We are willing to bet, next time Ryne takes his "daily" back to the track, the boards light up with an 8.XX as a thank you for the work him and his crew put into this car.  

Ready for record-setting performance under your Camaro's hood? 

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