The Engine Power TV Show bolts on 451 HP with ProCharger!!!

If you haven't tuned in to Engine Power...

Here are 993 reasons you should add this show to your DVR list!  One thing that Mike and Pat know how to make is BIG (reliable) horsepower.  And the very best part is that they do this with a budget in mind for the average builders out there.  

Bolt on 82% Power gain! 

This small block chevy engine laid down an impressive 542 HP in its naturally aspirated form, even with low compression. But with a little boost from a ProCharger F-1A supercharger and air-to-air intercooler, the guys spun their engine dyno to 993 hp and 917 stump pulling foot pounds of torque! We could go into more details, however just click the image below and ENJOY!