It's a Good Ole Fashioned Camaro vs. Mustang shootout!

The folks over at Power AutoMedia have been staging an epic Pony car war between a 2017 Camaro SS and a 2017 Mustang GT.  Starting with both OEM cars, baseline performance numbers were gathered and a $5k budget for both cars began along with a final $15k in budget for performance mods. Both cars received a ProCharger D-1X supercharger to push horsepower numbers well above stock into the 800Hp range (approximately double the horsepower!). The cars went head-to-head on the chassis dyno, dragstrip, and road course to determine a final winner. Click here for some prior episodes and stay tuned for remaining shows.  Which car is your favorite? Click here to visit their Facebook page and let them know.

To learn more about Camaro supercharger offerings from ProCharger, click here.  

To learn more about Mustang supercharger offerings from ProCharger, click here.


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