Burning Rubber And Finding Your Boost With A 500 HP 3.6L V6 Camaro

Most people buy a V-6-powered car for economy, not performance. But ProCharger customers are not “most people.” Sure, the 3.6L 2016 to 2019 Camaro gets better fuel mileage than the V8-powered SS version, but it’s a dog when you desire hard acceleration. What if we told you that you can keep the fuel mileage of the V6 while making more power than a stock Camaro SS? That’s having your cake and eating it too, thanks to ProCharger!

ProCharger has two supercharger kits that turn that little V6 into a monster that will outrun an SS while you wave your gas receipt out the window, mocking the SS driver as you storm away. The complete HO Intercooled systems use a P1SC-1 supercharger, a huge intercooler, are easily installed in your driveway in a matter of hours, and bump the power output by 50% (165+ HP) to the 500hp range (more with the Tuner Kit, which requires custom tuning for maximum boost and power). The kits have been shipping for over a year now, and offer the most power increase and ease of installation of any V6 Camaro kit on the market. 

  • Multiple head units available (P-1SC-1, P-1X) 
  • Massive air-to-air intercooler with 630 cubic inch core
  • Fully reversible with no permanent modifications
  • Up to 50% (165hp) or higher gains on 7psi of boost
  • Full systems including tuning available
  • Multiple head unit finishes available (Black, Polished, Satin) 
  • Self-contained head unit, with CNC billet gear case and impeller
  • All brackets, hardware, tubing, flanges, bolts, nuts, etc. needed for complete installation are provided
  • Easy install with common hand tools
  • No cutting of radiator hoses, or trimming of factory coolant fan
  • 100% bolt on and reversible, requires NO permanent modifications to the car. 

Driving the ProCharged V6 Camaro around town, you’d never know there was a supercharger under the hood—it feels like a showroom-stock car—but when you mat the gas pedal it turns into a whole different animal and really gets with the program. And as you can see above, burnouts are not a problem.

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