AZN from Street Outlaws Reveals His ProCharged Daily

AZN From Street Outlaws Reveals His New ProCharged Daily at the Strip

… and calls out Farmbird

It’s no secret that ProCharger has become the go-to power adder on Discovery Channel’s hit Street Outlaws show. From Daddy Dave’s Chevy II to James Goad’s Reaper to Shane & Bob’s Blackbird Vega, the Megladon and more, ProCharger is well represented among the 405’s fastest street cars.

But as a reality TV show, we’re often left with the question of what Oklahoma’s fastest drive when they’re not on camera. Which car gets used for picking up the groceries and depositing fat checks from race wins? And with so many mods on their hero cars, do their dailies get modded too?

Well, wonder no more…

Spoiler alert: In this clip AZN reveals his new (to him) first Gen SRT Grand Cherokee … and, surprise, he didn’t leave it stock.

Better still, those that have been wondering what the camper shell-wearing Firebird known as “Farmbird” has been up to since it beat up Aaron Kaufmann’s M3 get to see a cameo from that ride as well.

Now, we have nothing against the new Hellcat powered WK2 2018 Jeep Trackhawk. If you have the means, there’s nothing wrong with dropping the nearly $90,000 it takes to get one (just be sure to set aside a little extra for the forthcoming ProCharger you’ll want on it). For the rest of us, AZN shows that for a fraction of the money, with a little love from ProCharger, the original (and lighter) WK SRT Grand Cherokee can more than hold its own at the strip or at the stoplight. Of course, we’ve got the rest of the 2017 SRT line covered too, including both the Challenger and Charger along with the 2017 non-SRT 3.6 Pentastar Jeep Wrangler.

Speaking of setting some money aside for future boost, you bowtie fans not feeling the Mopar love need not worry – we’ve got you covered too.

Soon, ProCharger will be providing an early glimpse of our GM R&D pipeline. 2017 GM Trucks with the 6.2 engine, Chevy SS, and Denali are all getting ready for their share of the same addictive boost that AZN is counting on to take unwitting competitors by surprise when they line up against his daily. Stay tuned for details on those.

For more of the Street Outlaws' daily drivers, including Big Chief's shop truck, check out the video below!