2021 GM Truck Supercharger Systems: Now Shipping from ProCharger!

Want to bolt on big horsepower to your new truck..?  

Of course...we all do! The good news is ProCharger now gives you the ability to bolt on up to 50% more power to your 5.3L and 6.2L Chevrolet or GMC Truck. That is the kinda tire ripping power you can feel in the seat of your pants. Just imagine having 50% more power to pull, 50% power to pass, 50% more power to play!

- 100% bolt-on DIY friendly install

- Huge power gains on premium pump gas (45-50%)

- Various color finishes to fit your style desires

- Powerband gains that perfectly match the 10-speed transmission

Not only does this extra power feel good, but it also looks good too. All ProCharger systems are engineered to have OEM fit and finish, as seen in the image below.  


Since the blower doesn’t need to change speeds so radically on gear changes, due to the more closely spaced gears, the transmission keeps RPM in the optimum range for a centrifugal supercharger where we make the most torque and power.  It's almost like Ford and GM were building the perfect transmission for a centrifugal supercharger power curve, when they started the joint effort in bringing the 10LXX transmission to life.  With 10 forward gears it's leaps and bounds better than the slush boxes of old, and they are especially good when used with boost.   With little very little rpm drop between gear changes, this trans ensures you are making the most power, whenever you need it.  

A downside is running them on the chassis dyno, you can no longer hold the trans in gear under full-throttle.  Since at full throttle, the transmission computer will automatically force it to downshift. Due to that, you cannot start a dyno run until 4,000 rpm in seventh (1:1 gear) and it automatically shifts at 6,500 or so, just as if you are on the street.  The phrase “down-low torque” is virtually a thing of the past, due to this transmission always downshifting to get the RPM up into the optimal range to produce power.  This dyno graph below helps illustrate exactly the RPM and power range these trucks will operate in, under normal driving conditions.  


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2021-2019 GM 1500 (6.2L and 5.3L) System Info

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