2008 DynoMax Power to the Wheels

Jim Plimpton Thunderbird SuperchargerMark Gjavenis Chevelle Supercharger

The DynoMax Power to the Wheels tour came to an end last weekend in Springfield, MO. After taking three of the top five spots last year, ProCharger power was back again this year securing two of the top five.

Mark Gjavenis, a top 10 finisher in the 2007 competition and runner up at Car Craft with a pull of 1,249 RWHP, ended up in fifth place at the finals with a pull of 1,146 RWHP in his big-block '65 Chevelle. Also in the finals and taking fourth place overall was Jim Plimpton in his 1987 Ford Thunderbird powered by an F-3R supercharger. Plimpton layed down an outstanding 1,443 horsepower at the rear wheels. You may remember Plimpton from the 2008 Hot Rod Pump Gas Drags where he took top honors.

Keep in mind these cars are both pump gas street cars with stock firewalls, lights and turn signals! Congratulations to these two competitors and thank you to all the ProCharger customers who participated in the 2008 Power to the Wheels tour.

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