1447 HP ProCharged and Street Driven ‘55 Chevy

When we came across the '55 Chevy owned by Loren Harris of Blue Ridge Auto Body we had to find a place for this beauty on the ProCharger blog.  This car was found on a farm and taken to the shop where it was transformed into what you see today.  The engine is an all roller 540cid BBC based on a Merlin 3 race block fed by a self-contained ProCharger F-3R-131 pushing 20psi of boost.  That power runs through the Turbo 400 trans and then to a set of 15" Hoosiers out back.  with heated leather seats, an interior from a new Cadillac, a full AutoMeter instrument cluster, 10 point cage, and a mini-tub this driver is sure to turn every head it passes.

The best part about this beast is that it makes 1447 horsepower and 1107 lb-ft of torque and is street driven!  The owner likes the fact that the car will idle at 900 rpm without any worry of overheating or charging problems.

Click Here for more photos of the build.