2015-10 Camaro SS (LS3, L99)

High Output and Stage II supercharger kits available. 575+ HP to over 1000+ HP

When it comes to adding big, reliable power to late-model LS engines, ProCharger simply dominates. With the largest, most reliable power gains on pump gas, ProCharger-powered 2010-15 Camaros dominate both on the street and on the strip. In fact, the first 2010 Camaro SS into the 9’s is ProCharger-equipped.

Backed by the strength and support of the industry leader, ProCharger offers you the greatest power potential and most choices for your 2010-12 Camaro SS.

ProCharger 2010-15 Camaro supercharger offerings:
LS3 & L99 HO Intercooled Systems and Kits
LS3 & L99 Stage II Intercooled Systems and Kits
Cog Race Kits