A Nov. 4th blog post featured David Bishop and his 2011 Mustang GT, who with a ProCharger D1SC and a few simple “bolt-ons” was able to run 10.29 @ 132 mph with just 14 psi of boost. Not to be out done, southern Florida resident Joe “Coffee Man” Decaria recently went 9.87 @ 139 mph. Joe’s 5.0L features a ProCharger D1SC, Boss intake manifold, full exhaust, 3600 rpm stall convertor, and 3.55 gears. With the Procharger D1SC supplying 16 psi to a stock motor it was able to propel Joe’s Mustang to his all-time best. Obsessed with running even quicker, Decaria recently purchased a ProCharger F1A and will be making an “all-out” assault at his local track to better his times very soon.

Joe Coffeeman 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 Procharged

ProCharger customer and racer Dan Schoneck of Schoneck Composites has created a Ford GT Supercar monster. Powered by a 5.4L mod-motor running on E85 fuel and a ProCharger F2 supplying 33 psi of boost, Dan was able to make 1290rwhp. Schoneck’s ultimate goal will be 1500rwhp and he will be accomplishing this with an even larger cubic inch displacement mod-motor and still using his “tried and true” ProCharger F2. With his sights set on the March Texas Mile event, Dan will be shooting for a 250mph pass in the standing mile.

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