2018 Ford F-150 ProCharger Supercharger Systems *NOW SHIPPING*

Buying a truck is practical, but what about performance?

You want it all, and we know exactly how you feel (and so did Ford)! A couple decades ago, Ford re-defined the sports truck market with the introduction of a high HP V8 powered truck known as the Lighting.  This truck allowed owners to have something practical for small projects and daily driving duties, but also was a feared competitor at the race track.  A true “Jekyll and Hyde” so to speak.  

Well, Ford has done it again for 2018 with these new all-aluminum F-150’s.  These trucks are now packing 10-speed transmissions and Gen3 5.0L Coyote power plants just begging for boost.  And we are proud to announce that we are adding 2018 supercharger systems to our list of F-150 systems. 

Bolt-on, the Supercharged performance you can FEEL! 

From 2011 to 2018, ProCharger has created an army of supercharged V8 F-150s across the country.  From 2WD to 4WD, standard and crew cabs, drag racing or off-roading, ProCharger has a supercharger option perfect for you and your truck.  And an extra 45-70% of power comes in really handy, no matter if you are wanting a little extra for towing, or some more stop light to stop light fun.  

These amazing power numbers come from just 6-9psi of pump gas friendly boost in full systems, featuring both the highly efficient P-1SC-1 and the all-new record setting P-1X head units.  These systems are allowing customers to enjoy 500-600+HP from otherwise stock F-150’s on standard 91-93 octane fuel. All 5.0L systems feature a dedicated 8 rib drive system for maxium belt life and performance, and mutiple intercooler options.  

The supercharged boost is cooled down before entering the engine by our highly effective air-to-air intercooler systems.  These systems have no moving parts, pumps or relays that can fail over time.  The simplistic nature of these coolers are a perfect match for long-term ownership of trucks liked F-150’s and also easy installation. Speaking of long-term ownership, check out our blog HERE featuring a boosted F-150 with nearly 1/4 million miles on it! 

For those wanting to go beyond base power numbers, tuner kits can be ordered for higher boost levels, as well as upgraded head units for use with built motors and racing applications.  Please contact [email protected] for more details. 

DIY install friendly, with no permanent modifications. 

Everything you need to install a ProCharger supercharger system comes in one box shipped to your door.  And with nothing more then a set of common hand tools, installation can be done in as little as 6-8 hours.   ProCharger engineers went the extra mile in providing full-color instructions packed with details such as what tool to use on each bolt.  

For an example of this install, please review the link below. 

Click here to see Truckin’ magazine’s ProCharger supercharger kit install article

11 Second Performance with stock F-150, and P-1X System!

And thanks to some ProCharger boost trucks like Ryan Gage’s regular cab short bed, track times in the 11-second zone are now possible. This truck is a total sleeper thanks to its stock look and stock wheels.   The P-1X system is completely as it came from ProCharger, other then custom tuning by Palm Beach Dyno, and some exhaust modifications.   Which netted him over 570 rwhp, and 11.99 times at the track while running in a 12.0 index class!

Yes, thats 11 second performance you can count on as a daily driver! We can’t wait to see what Ryan and PBD get out of this truck as they have hinted at possibly upping the boost levels from the stock settings.  But who doesn’t love 575 rwhp on low boost?  

Ready for a supercharged F-150 in your garage? 

Give our sales staff a call or an email at the following contact methods below. We will be happy to assist you with any technical questions you may have about our systems, and results you can expect. Thanks for reading! 

Phone – (913) 338-2886 M-F 8:30am – 5:30pm CST
Sales Email – [email protected]
Tech Email – [email protected]

Love Racing? Love Trucks? Love Cars? Love Boost? 

Here at ProCharger superchargers, we are looking for some like-minded enthusiasts to add to our team.  With offices located in Kansas City as well as San Francisco we have a number of positions we are looking to fill.  Please take a moment and check out our careers page by clicking HERE, or drop us a call to 913-338-2886 

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