That’s right, the same supercharger that powers the World’s Fastest 6th generation Camaro SS can be YOURS today!  ProCharger is pleased to announce we are now shipping full systems (including ECM tuning) for 2017 and 2016 model years.  This comes as great news for the power hungry SS owners


HO system sets the standard with 7psi of boost, dedicated supercharger drive belt, large front mount air to air intercooler and gains up to 150hp!  These systems can be bolted on by even the most novice DIY garage enthusiast using common hand tools and our in-depth full-color instruction manual.  From stock to supercharged in just a matter of an afternoon or two in the garage is a great way to spend a weekend.  The smile that an extra 150hp brings to your face, well don’t blame us if you need to invest in some sticky tires after install.  This system is also designed to be uninstalled as easy as it was installed, with NO permanent modifications to your brand new Camaro.  

Stage 2 system is aimed at the customer that is looking to absolutely maximize the power output of their Camaro’s LT-1 engine while maintaining the safe and reliable ProCharger horsepower you can count on for a daily driver/weekend toy.  Using an even larger air-to-air intercooler and 7psi of boost the power gains check in up to 170hp with standard included handheld ECU tuning.  For the guys/gals looking to add changes such as more boost or larger engine camshaft later down the road, these Stage 2 systems lay the foundation for you to meet your power goals.  Just as the system above this, no permanent modifications are required to the car. 

Competition Race Tuner Kit is designed for exactly what it’s named after.  With the increasing popularity of 1/2 mile racing and 1,000+ rwhp “Street Cars”, here at ProCharger, we have the ultimate supercharger kit to ensure total domination at track events.  This supercharger kit starts with the rock solid bracket system and belt drive that holds the current record for World’s Fastest/Quickest 6th Gen. Camaro and adds a 1,500hp capable air to water intercooler system for maximum cooling on long duration, high HP load situations.  Head units that can be outfitted up to the World Record holding-Championship winning F-1A-94!  This system is designed for “built” engines with supporting modifications for these elevated power levels.  This is the hardware you want to achieve four-digit power levels, bring home wins, records, and our favorite, Championships. 

*NOTE: ProCharger Billet LT-1 Intake Manifold available for tuner kits only.  (Shown in image below) 
*Click Image for Larger Wallpaper High-Resolution

– Intercooler Options

HO air-to-air – Standard on the HO system (upgradeable at time of purchase to Stage 2)
Stage 2 air-to-air – Standard on STG2 system (upgradeable to “Race” unit at time of purchase) 
Race air to air – Largest available air-to-air unit for maximum cooling of charge temps
Competition Race air to water – For competition use and power levels exceeding 1,000+ hp

– Finish Options

One of the things we know customers love is to have something that doesn’t “look the same” as the car next to it.  After all, that is why we add aftermarket wheels, body modifications and yes supercharged horsepower under the hood.  To make sure your system stands out we offer three different finishes for both the headunit and the bracket system on these Camaro SS systems.  

Satin Black – By far one of the most popular choices to match the OEM look of these blacked out engine bays. 
Polished – To ensure that the head unit or bracket or both stand out in a crowd this is a popular finish. 
Satin – For the customer that just enjoys the look of raw machined billet aluminum this is your finish. 


We have some amazing customers building some of the most amazing supercharged machines around.  But in order to save on time, we are going to just highlight a couple of them here below. ENJOY!  

Late Model Racecraft has one wicked 2017 Camaro SS on their hands.  This car might be wild in its performance numbers, yet in reality is just in its beginning stages.  The car has a 416″ forged engine, LMR camshaft/tuning/fuel system and supporting hardware on board, combined with a custom TQ converter for the factory 8-speed automatic transmission.  With those modifications, they have already laid down 1,015 rwhp and have their sights on putting this car solidly in the 8’s in the 1/4 mile very soon.  This car is “Boost Only” as they say on the internet, and runs a ProCharger Race Air-to-Air intercooler and F-1A-94 supercharger head unit. Please enjoy the video below. 

Another ProCharger supercharged Camaro SS that has its sights set on an 8-second pass here in the near future is the Fireball Camaro.  Yes, we have written about this car a while back in a blog HERE, and it’s still wearing the crown of World’s Fastest with honor.   We have heard rumors that the new suspension has been installed from BMR, ProCharger Race air-to-air intercooler upgrade and a new TQ converter from Circle D, to ensure the next time out to the track they put the best foot (or wheel) forward to reach that goal of “First to the 8’s.”    Enjoy the video below of their record-setting passes thanks to some F-1A-94 supercharged boost! 

If you like cars, chances are you have heard about Dodge’s new “Demon”…well to slay those “Demons” the crew at Hennessey Performance created the “Exorcist” Camaro.  Yes, this clever wordplay marketing created all sorts of marketing buzz in a good way.  Though just like Dodge teased the public for a while, so did Hennessey.  Leaving the internet car world wondering “what exactly will this car make for power?”  Well, good news to everyone the “Exorcist” has the raw supercharged horsepower to back it up its claims of “exorcising” demons.  To get this done Hennessey chose the ProCharger F-1A-94 supercharger head unit and race air-to-air intercooler.  This hardware helps boost the performance of this Camaro’s engine to well over 1,000 crankshaft HP!  For more details on this car please visit their website HERE, and enjoy this video below. 


You can call us M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm (CST) at 913-338-2886 and talk with our supercharging guru sales and technical staff.  Or email us anytime at [email protected]  Want to find a ProCharger dealer in your area?  CLICK HERE   Thanks for reading, and happy boosting! 

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