Other Models: 3rd Party Kits

For some applications, ProCharger does not offer supercharger kits from the factory, but there are "dealer developed" or "third party" kits available for the Ford, GM, Chrysler, Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Powersports applications listed below.  For these kits, dealers have chosen to utilize the industry standard, ProCharger superchargers, to create their supercharger kits.  For more information on the dealers who developed, sell and service these kits, please refer to the following links:


Big Block Ford (385 series or FE)

Small Block Ford (Cleveland)

Ford Powerstroke Diesel

1999-04 Mustang GT (2VR)Dedicated Drive



2006-08 Trailblazer SS 6.0L Dedicated Drive

Chevy /GMC Duramax Diesel

2006-08 Hummer H3

1993-07 F-Body Camaro/Firebird LT1 Cog Race Kit

L98 F-body Cog Race Kit



Carbureted Chrysler/Mopar

Modern HEMI Transplant

V10 Dodge Truck



304-401 ci AMC Engines

350 and 455 ci Buick Engines

Carbureted Pontiac

Carbureted Oldsmobile




Ski Doo

Other Snowmobile