Worlds First C8 Corvette Supercharger Kit: Now Shipping from ProCharger!

After over a year of research, design, and rigorous testing...

...the wait is finally over, and it's SO worth it! ProCharger superchargers is happy to announce the world's first supercharger system for the C8 Corvettes is NOW SHIPPING! That's right, you can have Z06 power, without the wait! This blog will cover some of the details on what to expect from our HO as well as the Stage II Tuner kits. Without further delay, we hope you enjoy this video below that showcases some of the sights and sounds of this monumental supercharger system.  

Please enjoy the launch video by clicking the below image. 

Beyond a dyno: Testing on Real tracks, with Real results 

Corvettes are not just on the dyno or the street...these C8's were designed to live and breathe at the track. Plus those tracks don't always have curves in them, so our engineers spent months of testing in various weather conditions at tracks all over the US. Both of our company-owned cars, as well as select C8's in our R&D beta program were punished on both the dragstrip and road course, to ensure this system would deliver results no matter where a customer is located.  And the results speak for themselves, even on our HO tuner kit plus at just 6.5psi...

Performance Highlights:

.3 reduction in 0-60 times.
8 additional MPH in the 1/4 mile.
Reduction in lap times on road course.
675+ HP on the dyno when using 93 octane. 

Built for the Street: HO Tuner Kit Plus delivers 675+ HP

Yes, that's right six hundred and seventy five HP from this LT2 package on only 6.5psi of boost and premium pump gas.  These are the perfect system for those wanting a daily driver that has to have "more power than the other guy" without complication.  Meaning, no additional fuel systems, no methanol injection, no port injection, just good old fashion boost.  Thankfully when you combine the ultra-efficient P-1X ProCharger supercharger and massive air to water intercooler system, the power gains even on just 6.5psi are phenomenal with just 93 octane pump gas.  

  HO Intercooled Tuner Kit Plus (now shipping) P-1SC-1  6.5 psi  180+   1KC332-SC*

Tuner Kit PLUS: (with timing control and LT-CAN2)
* For stock cars at stock 6.5psi boost level

Kit Highlights: 

- ProCharger P-1X or P-1SC-1 head unit
- Massive Air to Water intercooler core 
- CNC Billet intake manifold
- CNC Billet supercharger brackets
- Stainless steel drive system
- Bolt-on installation (no engine removal)
- Black or polished finish options
- Hand-laid carbon fiber covers optional

Built for the Racer: Stage II support of 1,000+ HP 

ProCharger engineers know what Corvette owners do best...squeeze every last HP out of them they can, then build it stronger, and go for more. That's why this kit was designed with parts on board to make sure that it was ready out of the gate to support the HP levels that customers with built motors, fuel systems, standalone, and race fuels would want.  (Stage II kits will be available soon, HO kits shipping now) 

- Pulley combinations to increase blower speed
- Multiple supercharger head units are available
- Intake manifold with port injection option

Built for Beauty: Carbon packages available:

As if the billet intake and bracket systems weren't good-looking enough, our engineering design team went all out with real Carbon Fiber.  These intake and rear trunk panels are NOT some plastic covered with a sticker, but the real deal, made in the USA, hand-laid carbon fiber.  This way the customers that have optioned their C8's with the Carbon Fiber package, can have a matching engine bay as well.   

*Click for Larger Image

Built for the DIY: Bolt-On, No permanent modifications

We know that a lot of Corvette owners love working on their cars, so this system was designed with that in mind. First and foremost, the engine does NOT need to be removed from the car for this system to be installed, although a lift would be recommended. Secondly, there is no fabrication required which means, no bending, tweaking, welding, or cutting of any major part of the car*. This way the kit can be easily removed if the car is ever put back to stock.  Due to the variation of fuels across the country, we highly suggest dyno / data logging verification after the system is installed to achieve maximum power results. 

*= rear carpet is trimmed to fit (easily replaceable)

ProCharger has superchargers for every generation!

We know this blog is focused on this latest 8th generation of the Corvette. However, ProCharger is also pleased to say that we have supercharger kits and systems for virtually every previous generation of Corvette. From the record-setting LT-based C7 and C7 Z06 offerings to the amazing LS-based C6 and C5 platforms. We even have systems for C4 Corvettes, as well as earlier cars that have had engine transplants or want to do custom brackets! If you want to know more about any of these systems please click HERE or drop us a call. 

First-round shipments are claimed, be part of round two!

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