Oklahoma Racers and Their ProCharger Daily Drivers

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you have probably seen the popular street racing show series on TV, and the Oklahoma folks would argue that they are the ones that started it all.  Well, we thought it was appropriate to pay tribute as most of them run ProCharger superchargers for their Daily Drivers, which is pretty cool! Check them out below:

The Gonorail, built by Farmtruck and AZN - F-1A-91 ProCharger supercharger


The famous “AZN” and his Jeeper Sleeper (Can you find him in the pic?) - D-1X ProCharger supercharger


Dave Comstock "Daddy Dave" (2018 Goliath DDR Mustang) - P-1X ProCharger supercharger


Justin Shearer “Chief” (Wanda)- F-1A ProCharger supercharger


B&R / Ryan Martin (Fireball Truck) - F-1A-94 ProCharger supercharger


Brent Austin (Megalodon racecar), 1999 Camaro SS - F-1A ProCharger supercharger


Shane McAlary (1991 Mustang) - D-1X ProCharger supercharger


James Goad (66 Nova) -F-1A-94 ProCharger supercharger


James Goad (2016 Silverado) -F-1A-94 ProCharger supercharger


Big Rob (LS1 F-Body)- F-1A ProCharger supercharger


Justin McDaniel (LS Fox Mustang) - F-1A ProCharger supercharger


Add some power to your Daily Driver

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