Fastest C7's in the world run PROCHARGER!

The line between "street" and "race" has blurred....

These days it's almost hard to believe just how fast full blown street cars have become, with no signs of slowing down.  It's hard to call them "race cars" when setting records with full interiors, navigation, seat heaters, and everything on board that GM equipped them with at the factory.   

One thing is for sure, we here at ProCharger superchargers are honored and humbled at the same time to be the power adder of choice for all current C7 and C7Z Corvette records!  It goes to show that combining our world leading centrifugal superchargers and the talents of our amazing customers/builders dependable and fast combinations are the results.  This blog is going to feature some of these amazing ProCharger supercharged Corvettes...

World's Quickest C7 Stingray Corvette: 8.84@160

LMR (Late Model Racecraft) currently holds the fastest C7 Stingray record with that blistering 8-second pass.  With all of the incredibly fast Z06 cars these days, this Stingray is making quite the name for itself and plans on getting even quicker here shortly.  Obviously a lot of planning and talent go into building an 8-second street car, however, we will touch on some of the "Cliff Notes" if you will.  

LME Built (LMR Spec) 416" LT-1 Stroker Motor
ProCharger F-1R Supercharger
Stock 8 Speed Transmission with LMR Torque Converter.

Again, there are other details to this build that you will have to get from LMR themselves, however, listed above is their foundation for an 8-second street driven C7.  Congratulations from all of us here in the ProCharger office to LMR for their fantastic track times.  We look forward to what the future holds for this car.  

World's Quickest Corvette Z06 Corvette: 8.98@151

If you read our blogs the name Advanced Modern Performance (AMP) has come up more than a few times.  They were the first to crack the 1,000rwhp number with these cars using ProCharger superchargers, as well as countless other C7 accomplishments.   AMP was also the team behind putting the very first C7 into the 8-second zone, which is the car we are about to talk about.  The C7 Z06 not only is a very well known car to roam the streets of TX but is also currently the World's Quickest and Fastest C7 Z06!   The quick details on this Corvettes record-setting build are...

Stock OEM Short Block LT-4 Engine
AMP Heads and Cam Package
ProCharger F1-X Supercharger 
Stock OEM 8 Speed Transmission (AMP TQ Converter) 

So the answer is "Yes".  Yes, you can run in the 8-second zone with a stock short block and transmission and all the bells and whistles GM placed in this fine machine!  If you want to know more details on this build please drop AMP a line.  As always we are beyond excited to be the power adder of choice to help make this supercharged monster a reality!  We can't wait to see what 2017 may hold for this fine car!  

World's Fastest Manual Transmission C7 Corvette: 

What did you think we could have a blog without mentioning this fire red C7 that has been rowing gears all over the country the last couple years?  This ProCharger blown C7 Stingray owned by Justin K. has been the testament of durability as he had racked up mile after mile, pass after pass, all over the fine country at Street Car Takeover events.  Being that he is the co-owner of the event, means that he can get plenty of track time whether its drag racing or roll racing this ProCharger F-1A supercharged C7 has done it all.  Congrats Justin from all of us here in the office on your goal of a 9-second stick shifted daily driver! 

Drag Racing honorable mentions: 

Aside from the #1 spots for both C7 and C7 Z06, ProCharger is happy to also power these two amazing C7Z's as they battle for the #2 spot on this elusive list of Corvette track heavy hitters.  We don't know "exact times" for both of these fine cars, we just know that both of them have run into the 9.3 zone, packing ProCharger F-1R supercharger systems. Word on the street is that the white car from RPM has a recent transmission swap, and is looking for big numbers here in 2017 as soon as weather allows. 

Race Proven Motorsports

Skip H. via AMP

ProCharger C7's place #1 and #2 for standing 1/2 mile records: 

We know that not EVERYONE is into drag racing these days and that 1/2 mile race events are exploding in popularity across the US.  These races are the ultimate test of a car's engine durability and forced induction system, due to the incredibly longer run time high speeds, and high power levels.  Which to us is the perfect place to put the ultimate power adder to the ultimate test.  Thankfully when it comes to Corvette C7's thanks to our customer's amazing efforts ProCharger supercharged cars hold both the #1 and #2 spots for half mile speed records.  

Starting with the #1 car at 191.8 mph, this car might look familiar, since it's posted just above!  Yes the same Z06 that holds the 1/8 and 1/4 mile E/T records, is also the fastest 1/2 mile car!  From street to drag strip, to even the airstrip this car does it all!  So another HUGE congrats to AMP in their gray Z06!  

Click image for video!   

Now onto the #2 position on fastest 1/2 mile C7 Corvettes list belongs to another AMP prepped car owned by Skip H.  This car features a Procharger F-1R supercharger system and air to air intercooler system.  This fully daily driver/weekend toy C7 clawed for traction as it ran a flawless 182 mph this past summer, right after heading to the track and running a string of bottom 9 second passes as seen above.  (Running 9.3's then driving home, is just flat out awesome)  Congrats to AMP and Skip for this amazing beast and its stellar results! 

Speaking of C7's...ProCharger is NOW SHIPPING Grand Sport Systems! 

While we were on the topic of C7 Corvettes we might as well let all the Grand Sport owners know that they can too enjoy ProCharger boost!  The engineering department has wrapped up the R&D testing for this all new wicked machine from GM.  For more information on this wonderful system please click HERE

Want to add your Corvette C7 to this list of heavy hitters? 

Contact us at or by phone at 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30-5:30 CST.  We will be happy to answer any question you might have about getting some ProCharger supercharger boost for your Corvette.  If you are looking for your nearest ProCharger supercharger dealer, please click HERE

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