9 ProCharged Champion Crowns in 2015!

9 Championships, 8 R/U's, and even more WINS to close 2015!!! 

The season of racing has pretty much come to a close and we here at ProCharger couldn't be more proud of all our customers this year! This season followed the same path as the last, with ProCharger racers storming to the front, setting records, winning races/events, and taking home Championships. ProCharger is proud to be the supercharged force behind 9 championships this year across 6 national platforms including the NHRA!  Enough with the introduction, let's get this blog rolling with some details...starting with the 2015 Champions. 

Marco Abruzzi

NHRA Top Dragster National Champion
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Right out of the gate we have to give a HUGE round of applause for Marco Abruzzi and his domination this year that lead to the Top Dragster Division 3 class, but the ultimate prize of being the inaugural NHRA Top Dragster National Champion!  Congratulations to Marco and his team. After successfully switching from nitrous to ProCharger in 2015, we look forward to seeing what he has in store for 2016.

Marco Abruzzi

NHRA Top Dragster Division 3 Champion
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Marco Abruzzi is no stranger in the ranks of racing. He helps other racers get their cars down the track with his company’s transmissions and converters.  After seeing the success of ProCharger in other classes, Marco knew this would be a perfect combination to help him secure the Top Dragster Division 3 championship as well as his title we talked about above.   Marco runs an F-1X ProCharger supercharger.

J.R. Baxter

NHRA Top Dragster Division 4 Champion
ProCharger F-2 Supercharger

J.R. Baxter had a great year, which led to him clinching an NHRA divisional championship, running an F-2 ProCharger supercharger.  He and his team then headed out to the final series race in Las Vegas to battle it out for the NHRA inaugural Top Dragster National points chase. He had a great run in Vegas and finished the season strong, securing the third spot in points for the National title, in addition to his divisional championship. Congratulations to J.R. and his team for the Division 4 championship in NHRA Top Dragster.  We look forward to what the 2016 season will have in store for J.R. and his team. 

Phil Hines

NMRA Street Outlaw Championship
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

It seems we almost wear out Phil Hines' name when it comes to wins, records, and championships.  This year was no different, as Phil clawed his way through this season and clinched not only the NMRA Street Outlaw Championship, but also a runner up spot in the NMCA Street Outlaw class. What a great way to close out the season, Congratulations to Phil and his team for their truly impressive performance and consistency.  Phil also won the NMRA Street Outlaw Championship in 2013, running a ProCharger F-1X.

Johnny Coleman

NMCA West TrueTen 5 Champion
ProCharger F3R-136 Supercharger

Much like other ProCharger racers, Johnny Coleman decided that one championship wasn’t enough, so Johnny campaigned his car in not only NMCA West, but also PSCA series events.  Normally running two racing programs makes it hard on a team, however the ProCharger consistency helped Johnny stay on top each race.  Being on top is what helped Johnny and his team bring home not one, but TWO Championships for this 2015 season!  Johnny runs a ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger.

Johnny Coleman

PSCA Xtreme Drag Radial Champion
ProCharger F3R-136 Supercharger

As we stated above, Johnny Coleman dominated PSCA for the championship title and almost made it looks easy. One thing is for sure, he really has his ProCharged Camaro dialed and will be a force to reckon with in the 2016 season. Congrats again to Johnny and his entire team. 

Eric Gustafson

NMCA Street Outlaw Champion
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Back to Back Championships is not often talked about in heads up drag racing. However, after winning the NMCA West Street Outlaw championship last year, Eric Gustafson and his team were able to take home the big prize in the "national" NMCA Street Outlaw class this year!  It took a huge effort to make this happen, and the consistency it takes to win these back-to-back Championships really shows the dedication of Eric and his crew.   This national championship follows a dual championship on the West Coast in 2014, as Eric also won the WCHRA 275 Drag Radial championship last year (in addition to NMCA West Street Outlaw).  Congratulations to Eric and his team.

John Urist

Street Car Super Nationals
XDR Champion
ProCharger F-3R-121 Supercharger

John Urist is without question a legend in the ranks of “small tire” heads up drag racing. He is a 9 time NMRA Street Outlaw champion, and 7 of those championships were won back to back powered by a ProCharger! But the annual Street Car Super National’s race every fall in Las Vegas is a whole different ball game. This race has much different rules than NMRA, allowing for quite a bit more power, and a gang of cars that race these rules year round show up to give stiff competition. So, to show up and win with no previous testing on all that extra power from the larger legal model ProCharger is a testament to skills of a champion racer!  Beating his competitors that run Big Blocks and the larger 315 radials, John took the win in the super competitive XDR class with his ProCharged 430ci Small Block Ford running on 275 radials, punctuated by a .038 light in the finals!  Congrats John and crew on the win!  Urist also finished runner-up in NMRA Street Outlaw class this year.  John ran the F-1X-12 in the latter half of his Street Outlaw competition this year, and a ProCharger "121" supercharger for the SCSN win.

George Farkouh

NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street Champion
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger

Every single time this amazing Camaro of the American Racing Headers/Farks Supercars hits the track it's a sight to be seen.  These guys keep dropping records and winning races like it's easy, when we all know it's anything but easy.  With the dedication of the whole team, they managed to pull off the Championship title win this year as well.  Can't imagine what this team has planned for the 2016 season, but one thing is for sure, the competition better be ready.  Click HERE for a great video that showcases this car, and teams effort this year. 

2015 National Points Runners-Up

Each year it seems these points battles can come down to the wire, or last race of the season.  Here are a few of the racers that battled at the top of their classes all year, and were rewarded with runner up spots. (In no particular order) 

Alton Clements

NMRA Renegade
ProCharger F-1C-10.5 Supercharger

Phil Hines

NMCA Street Outlaw
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Benjamin Board

NMCA Top Sportsman
ProCharger F-3R-121 Supercharger

Joe DeDona

NMCA/LSX Drag Radial
ProCharger F-3R-136 Supercharger

John Urist

NMRA Street Outlaw
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Mauro Briccardi

OSCA EZ Street
ProCharger F-1X-12 Supercharger

Clint Downs

ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Recent wins to round out the 2015 season

The season for many races has come to a close, and here are the details on the last few events that got sneaked in.  ProCharger superchargers is happy to power 2 more racers to victory in these final events, and help another get a runner up and record!  

Adam Arndt

World Cup Finals at MIR
Street Fighter Winner
ProCharger F-1A-94 Supercharger

Adam Arndt showed the dominating power of the ProCharger F-1C-10.5 and running a class best run of 7.57 @ 172 in the final round to take the win in the Street Fighter class at the World Cup Finals race at MIR. He also had a great 2015 season racing with the NMRA. Finishing 5th in the points chase and running some near record setting passes at every race.

Rob Goss

World Cup Finals 
X275 Runner Up
X275 Class Record
ProCharger F-1X Supercharger

Also at the recent World Cup Finals race at MIR, Rob Goss beat his own previous X275 class ¼ mile record with a 6.920 @ 203.77 mph run in his ProCharger F-1X powered 2009 SRT8 Challenger. Rob went all the way to the finals, but was unable to make the starting line due to a technical difficulty out of the teams hands. That 6.92 run also resets the record for the Fastest Late Model Hemi.

2015 National Records Held by ProCharger Racers

Johnny Coleman, ProCharger F3R-136
NMCA West TrueTen 5

Eric Gustafson, ProCharger F-1X-12
NMCA Street Outlaw
¼ mile ET record
1/8th mile ET and MPH Record

Phil Hines, ProCharger F-1X-12
NMRA Street Outlaw
¼ mile ET record
1/8th mile ET and MPH Record

Benjamin Board, ProCharger F-3R-121
NMCA Top Sportsman

George Farkouh, ProCharger F-1A-94
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street ET record

George Farkouh, ProCharger F-1A-94
NMCA/LSX EFI Real Street MPH record

David Pearson, ProCharger F-3R-130
Fastest Car on 275 Drag Radials in the World

Mustang Mike Modeste, ProCharger Twin F-1X’s
Fastest ODR  Pass (Outlaw Drag Radial)

Rob Goss, ProCharger F-1X
Fastest Late Model Hemi Car
6.920@203.77  ¼ mile
4.48@166 1/8th mile

Mauro Briccardi, ProCharger F-1X-12
OSCA EZ Street

George Farkouh, ProCharger F-1C-94
Quickest and Fastest 5th Gen “IRS” Camaro

Travis Wester, ProCharger F-1R
Quickest and Fastest “IRS” GTO

Salvatore Lovino, ProCharger F-1A
Quickest and Fastest Street HEMI with NAG1 Trans.

Fran Schatz (Race Proven Motorsports), ProCharger F-1A-94
Quickest and Fastest Supercharged "IRS" C6 Corvette

Jared Cocanougher, ProCharger F-1X
Quickest and Fastest 6-Speed C6 Corvette

Joe DeDonna, ProCharger F-1X-12
Quickest and Fastest Supercharged "IRS" C5
4.61@157 1/8th mile
7.18@197 1/4 mile

Benjamin Board, ProCharger F-3R-121
Fastest Centrifugal Small Block
NHRA/NMCA Top Sportsman
4.100@175  1/8TH mile


Fastest ProCharger-Powered Car
Andrew Johnson, ProCharger F-3R-136
NHRA / PDRA Top Dragster
3.76@196 1/8TH mile
5.96@236 ¼ mile

Quickest and Fastest Supercharged Nitro Harley
Mike Pelrine, ProCharger F-1A
6.37 @235

And that's a wrap...

So we know this is a long blog to read, so we thank you for sticking with us.  Now comes the real fun known as "winter" to some, we know it as "get the race car ready for 2016."  If you are interesting in having a ProCharger supercharger added to your racing program, please do not hesitate to contact us at the following methods. 

Phone: 913-338-2886
Email: sales@procharger.com

If you happen to be at the PRI show coming up...

Make sure to drop by our booth #101 in the main hall. Many of our Champions and racers will be stopping by the booth as well, so come ask them question or two about boost, or just give them a pat on the back and say congrats.  PRI is going to be an exciting show for us, jam packed with the latest and greatest, so do NOT miss out.