6,500+ ProCharged HP! And dueling 3-Second Passes!

While most of the US was gripped with arctic air, the action in FL was HOT! 

Dueling 3-Second passes from ProCharger supercharged racers James Lawrence and Shane Novak...is one way to get excited!  These guys headed to Bradenton Motorsports Park to make the first passes on each of their brand new cars, and had some killer results!  And when we say "new" we mean it.., brand new engines, brand new chassis, brand new EVERYTHING!  To say that each of these cars did well, would be the understatement of the week. In no particular order, let's get this blog rolling and highlight some of the details on these two amazing cars, as well as what's coming up for 2018.  

Shane Novak's 1969 Camaro goes 3.84 on first outing! 

Yes, for those that follow our blogs this is the very same car that made its debut in our PRI booth in a previous blog (link).  After the show ended, the guys at BrandoSpeed then hustled to finish everything up so that it could head to FL for its first track test session.  With a ProLine Racing Engines billet Hemi on board, swallowing loads of air from a ProCharger F-3X-143 these guys had their work cut out for them!

Getting 3400+ HP to make 3-second hits right out of the gate is a truly exciting thing.  Not only does that show just how dedicated this team is, but also the level of engineering that went into this car, from chassis prep to engine tuning.  

James Lawrence rocks a 3.97 on RADIALS on project "BlownZ06" 

The Dragzine.com crew were finishing this amazing Corvette up, just moments before hitting the track.  Packing a set of radials, and a ProCharger F-3R-136 this C7's first few passes came out STRONG with a 3.97 to wrap up the day!  Might want to plug your ears when you click this video, cause ya... it's LOUD! 

Days after this video was taken, James and the gang entered the car in the Radial vs. the World class at the US Street Machine Nationals.  With a #5 qualifying spot on this cars first race event, the team has got to be excited about this 2018 season going forward.   Speaking of 2018 events...

Coming up soon will be Lights Out and many more...

All of us here in the office are stoked to hearing the rumors of the army of ProCharger supercharged cars that will be hitting the Lights Out event at SGMP here soon.  A team from ProCharger will be displaying at Lights Out, and loaded with some new apparel designs for sale.  We want to wish every race team the very best at this event and the entire 2018 season going forward.  And on the note of talking about the ProCharger office...

Love Racing? Love Cars? Love Boost? 

Here at ProCharger superchargers we are looking for some like-minded enthusiasts to add to our team.  With offices located in Kansas City as well as San Francisco we have a number of positions we are looking to fill.  Please take a moment and check out our careers page by clicking HERE, or drop us a call to 913-338-2886