2017 Mustang GT S550 systems NOW SHIPPING!

No surprises here...

...ProCharger superchargers is adding another horse to the stable (Well, another model year of horse that is).  That's right, let's just say you happen to be planning a visit to your Ford dealership here in the near future.  And after you purchase your new S550, you want to bolt on some MAJOR horsepower.  Well then,...we are pleased to announce the shipping of full supercharger systems for the Ford Mustang GT 2017 model year!  

Same great system, Same great power gains! 

Yes, now 2017 owners can enjoy bolting on HUGE power (up to 300+ HP) just like the 2015-2016 owners have enjoyed!  These ProCharger systems are flat out some of the best bangs for the buck out there for adding raw tire burning horsepower. And as always feature the OEM level of quality you expect from ProCharger. With that being said, let's check out some system details now...

Stage 2 System: Power gains up to 65-70%+ more HP!

The STG2 supercharger system comes standard with Deatschwerks 95lb (1000cc injectors) and a JMS PowerMAX fuel pump booster to support these massive power numbers.  Having these features will also help our customers down the road if they plan on making more modifications or elevating boost levels, without having to buy larger injectors or fuel modifications.  

Our calibrations team spent countless hours/miles and dyno time building an OEM quality computer calibration to ensure these systems make the most power they can, but also be safe/reliable while maintaining OEM quality drivability.



A massive highly effective front mount air-to-air intercooler comes standard on the STG2 supercharger system and supports well into the "Four Digit Power" number land and beyond.  This intercooler not only works fantastically but also makes a HUGE visual statement in that S550 grill area. (as seen below)

So from start to finish literally everything you need to turn your Ford Mustang into a true powerhouse is included in one box from ProCharger!  If you are looking for a 100% "bolt-on" solution that requires ZERO modifications to your Mustang, look no further and drop us a line.

Cliff Notes: 
- P-1SC-1 Headunit 
- Boost level 10psi

- Dedicated 8 Rib Belt Drive 
- Deatschwerks 95 lb (1000cc) Injectors
- Massive STG2 Air-to-Air intercooler
- JMS PowerMAX Fuel Pump Booster System
- nGauge handheld tuner with supplied tune.

HO System: Power gains up to 60%+ more horsepower! 

Yes, the rumors are true, the HO supercharger system power gains are some of the best bangs for the buck a Mustang owner can imagine.  We here at ProCharger know that many Mustang owners may only do one modification to their car to enhance power.  For many that modification is a bolt on supercharger system, with maybe the addition of muffers for some extra sound.  

These HO systems were designed with exactly that in mind, creating the most cost effective way to bolt on HUGE power numbers, without breaking the bank.  (Speaking of that customers have already pushed these HO tuner kits to over 700+ rwhp when using high octane fuel, and elevated boost levels) 

These HO supercharger systems now come standard with the same 95lb injectors as talked about above to support the power levels.  And also include our highly refined PCM calibration for maximum performance and reliability.  We have seen these systems already cranking out up to and over 600+ rwhp with just 8 psi of boost and quality 93 octane pump fuel.  If you are looking for the best band for the buck forced induction system, look no further than this system. Installed in as little as 5-6 hours in the garage with a few common hand tools.  For more details on this system, please check out our system page located HERE. 

Cliff Notes: 
- P-1SC-1 head unit
- Boost level 8psi
- Shared 6 rib drive belt
- Deatschwerks 95 lb (1000cc) Injectors
- nGauge Handheld Tuner with supplied tune. 
- Large and Highly effective HO air-to-air intercooler

If you have a set of these below, you can install this system, it's that easy. 

Want to see it in action?

The guys over at Engine Power just recently installed one of our supercharger systems on a 2016 Mustang GT that they had on hand.  Pat and Mike installed the Stage 2 system in a matter of hours, before strapping the car down to their dyno and laying down BIG power numbers. Through this car's manual transmission she laid down a power gain of 271 rwhp above its baseline!!! Yes, we said TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY ONE more horsepower to the tire, from a simple bolt on system ( 71% power gain ).  This power was achieved on normal 93 octane fuel, 10 psi of boost, and our normal PCM programming included with every ProCharger system purchase.  

Please click the image below, to go to the online version of this episode.

Have a question or a comment about this system? 

If you have a question about these S550 Ford Mustang supercharger systems, please feel free to drop us a line or note ANYTIME.  We have a large sales and technical service staff ready to answer any question you might have on boosting your Mustang.  Phone lines are open M-F 8:30 to 5:30 pm CST, and email is sales@procharger.com 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the BOOST!
- ProCharger