2016 Stage 2 Challenger 392 Systems NOW SHIPPING!

ProCharger and Dodge still cranking out big power 392 HEMI's

If owning a 700-1000+ horsepower HEMI is on your bucket list, this blog is for you. Here in the ProCharger office, we are pleased to announce that we are now shipping Stage 2 supercharger systems for 2016-15 HEMI Challenger 392's!

These Stage 2 systems offer a few key benefits for those looking to make amazing power gains on stock engines, as well as have room to grow in the future (such as a camshaft change, built motor or E85 fueling is used).  Follow us as we break down these key items...

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Dedicated drive system: 

When producing four-digit power numbers our engineers knew a robust drive system for the supercharger was in order.  Yes, even though these modern engine bays are a bit tight, we still managed to integrate a 100% dedicated supercharger drive system.  This dedicated 8 rib belt system features the same tensioner technology that has produced record setting performance for years. The drive system also features an SFI approved harmonic balancer to tame the vibrations of all those horses under the hood (one less item to purchase for that motor build down the road).  

Two huge intercooler options: 

ProCharger takes pride in our intercoolers, not only because of how well they function.  But also because they are designed, manufactured and assembled right here in the U.S.A.  We spend the quality time to develop and track test our intercooler systems, which ensures we have the perfect intercooler for your project power level and budget. 

HO Intercooler Shown

Race Intercooler System Shown


Turn Key Systems available / Ease of Install: 

For some of you having a well thought out installation that is DIY friendly is key.  And with that in mind, the ProCharger engineering staff worked hard to ensure that not only will your supercharger system be easy enough to install in the home garage with an OEM fit and finish, but also that everything you need is included in one box!  You can even order this Stage 2 system fully turn key complete with the fuel system and handheld tuning*. For those not installing this system yourself, ProCharger also has a vast network of installing dealers across the US to get your installation handled (Click HERE for a list). 

Got Shaker? No Problem! 

Yes, for those of owners that have opted for the cool looking/functioning "Shaker" hood option, we have a system for you as well.  Yes, that means not ONLY does the factory shaker hood stay in place, but also functions as intended bringing cool air to the ProCharger supercharger inlet. 


Ready to put your rear tires to the test?

Please drop us a line...we will be happy to answer any questions you might have, or get you in contact with a dealer in your area. Phone lines are open M-F 8:30-5:30 CST

Phone: 913-338-2886
Sales Email: sales@procharger.com
Tech Email: ts@procharger.com

* = ECU will need to be unlocked (not included), contact sales for more details.