ProCharger unleashes the ZL1 Camaro's true potential!

Record-setting LT-4 ProCharger performance now for ZL1's!

May 8th, 2015:  The date ProCharger broke the automotive internet.  For this was the day we announced our supercharger replacement system for new Corvettes featuring the LT-4 engine platform.  When we replaced the roots blower and bolted on a gain of over 110rwhp (at stock boost level, stock timing, and 91 octane fuel), we KNEW an army of ProCharger powered Z06's was on the horizon.  

Now, here we are two years later and honored to hold basically every LT-4 record that can exist. 

- Quickest and Fastest 1/8 mile
- Quickest and Fastest 1/4 mile
- Quickest and Fastest 1/2 mile
- Highest RWHP (modified engine) 
- Highest RWHP (unmodified engine) 

With that being said, now it's the ZL1's turn to start making some records of its own. Thanks to the dedicated engineering and production teams at ProCharger, as well as our 2+ years of ProCharged LT-4 experience, we are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for the brand new ZL1 ProCharger kits! Orders will begin shipping Friday, June 28.  We kindly thank GM for creating an amazing OEM engine that has proven itself to be so durable, even when stressed to four digit power levels and beyond. We look forward to seeing all the amazing Camaro builds our customers and dealers develop, such as the ones in the videos below built by Vengeance Racing and Hennessey Performance ("The Exorcist.").

Built by Vengeance Racing, this ZL1 is the World's First 1000+ RWHP 2017 ZL1 Camaro!

Built by Hennessey Performance , this ZL1 packs our Race Air-to-air intercooler and F-1A-94 headunit.  

Proven solutions for every power level:

HEAD UNITS - No matter if you are looking for a bolt-on gain of 100+ HP, or a dedicated track machine with 1,000+ HP, we have the perfect supercharger for you!  Customers can choose head units ranging from our D-1SC all the way up to the record holding F-1A-94!  And yes, before anyone asks, the all new D-1X is also available for this application. ProChargers billet self-contained supercharger head units have loads of amazing features and patents, ensuring the highest horsepower possible, as well as reliablity you can count on.  

BILLET INTAKE MANIFOLD - The ZL1 systems also include our billet CNC aluminum intake manifold. These intakes are 100% bolt on, retaining all OEM sensors and locations, and are dialed in to optimize performance on these direct injection motors. This intake features CNC billet intake runners/base plates and thick wall sheet metal construction, built to withstand insane amounts of boost. From drag racing, to half mile racing, and even road racing, ProCharger's engineers have thought of everything to make these systems a slam dunk. (Please click HERE for full list of head units available) 

Intercooler options to fit individual needs:

Stage 2 Air to Air - Featuring 756 cubic inches of cooling core for amazing street/strip performance, this unit is aimed for the mild power level/street toy application, and for those that do not wish to permanently modify their car. This intercooler requires ZERO cutting/trimming/bending to any part of the ZL1 and allows the car to be 100% fully returned to stock.  

Race Air to Air - For those looking to push the levels of power and retain the simplicity of air-to-air, look no further. Our race intercooler steps up to 972 cubic inches of cooling core, 3.5" tubing to ensure maximum cooling, low-pressure drop, and maximum horsepower production potential. 

Competition Air to Water - With half-mile racing becoming more mainstream and "street" cars with well over 1,000+ rwhp, we knew a dedicated competition intercooler option was needed. This air-to-water system can be used as a closed loop system (as its shipped), or modified to add an expansion ice tank for 100% dedicated track use.  

Proven supercharger bracket and drive system:

ProCharger engineers started with a clean slate for the LT-1/LT-4 bracket system design with maximum strength and power production in mind.  Our CNC billet aluminum brackets and billet CNC tensioning system have powered not only the fastest 6th generation Camaro on the planet... but the top (3) fastest Gen6 Camaros on the planet!   This bracket system and its dedicated 8 rib belt drive system have powered these cars already to bottom 9 second and even 8 second quarter mile times.  

And when we say "proven" we aren't just talking about the chassis dyno, we are talking real world record setting results! ProCharger superchargers power the top (2) fastest Gen6 Camaros on the planet. To be fair, these record holders currently feature LT-1 based engines (since the ZL1 wasn't sold at that time).  However we are sure our amazing customers and dealers will have some of these new LT-4 cars down in the 8's soon enough. 

Appearance options: 

Available Head Unit Finishes: Satin, Texture Black, Polished
Available Bracket Finishes: Satin, Texture Black, Polished
Available Intake Finishes: Satin, Texture Black
Available Intake Plate Finish: Satin, Texture Black
Available Bypass Valves: ProFlow, Bullet ProFlow, Race Valve

With all of the above options, it's easy to understand why ProCharger customers enjoy being able to truly mix-and-match their finish options for the ultimate custom look. 


Want to see this system under the hood of your new ZL1 Camaro? 

When you're ready to take your Camaro ZL1 from stock to supercar power levels ... Contact us at (913) 338-2886 M-F 8:30-5:30 pm CST and we can show you how. You can also contact us via