ProCharger Racers Sweep 3 Classes in NMRA!

One Championship is good..
Two is better, and THREE is UNBELIEVABLE! 

If there is one thing we here at ProCharger can count on it's our racing customers.  These teams spend all year making the unbelievable happen, round after round, to work for that title of "Champion" come end of the year.  And what we know they count on is the unbelievable power, reliability, and consistency a ProCharger supercharger brings to their racing program.  

This year we are honored and humbled at the same time, as we are pleased to announce our racers have won THREE CHAMPIONSHIPS in the NMRA Racing Series!  That is right, for the championship heads up power adder classes, ProCharger racers did a full sweep!  This is an honor for us as a power adder company, for the fact that nobody at the NMRA can remember this ever happening before.  

An accomplishment like this is only accomplished with a full team effort.  That team starts at the foundation of the engineering that goes into making our racing superchargers, all the way to the crew members of these amazing Champion racers.  Without more delay let's get down to some of the details of the racers that made this happen.  (In no particular order)

Renegade - Aaron Bates
F-1A-94 Supercharger

Aaron had an outstanding 2016 season with multiple event wins, record setting passes, and at the end of the day the big prize...the championship.  At the final event in Bowling Green KY, Aaron and his crew placed this sinister Mustang in the #1 qualifying spot, ready to do battle all the way to the end.  And battle they did, as he met fellow ProCharger racer Adam Ardnt in the finals.  When the final E/T's were placed on the boards, Aaron came home with the event WIN, and the overall Championship for this 2016 season.  

Congrats from all of us here in the office on the well-deserved win, an amazing 2016 season, and your Championship.  We wish you the best of luck over this winter season in preparation for the 2017 Season that we know will be just around the corner. 

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Street Outlaw - Phil Hines
F-1X-12 Supercharger

Yes, it has happened again (and again) that we are writing a blog talking about the man, the myth, the legend Mr. Phil Hines winning a Championship.  It goes without saying that if you are at an event, and Phil starts unloading his car off the trailer, you are going to have your work cut out for you.  Phil is an absolute competitor, is relentless and always striving for the win.   Each year we are honored with watching him battle round after round with the best of the best, and still come out on top. 

Phil's 2016 season didn't start off easy, nor was it a walk in the park to earn this Championship title.  It came down to the wire at the event finals in Bowling Green, with one of the closest points battles in NMRA history.  But in true Phil fashion, he clinched the event WIN, which earned him as the Championship by a mere 5 points!  With the rules currently favoring turbos in this class, this championships proves that even the dark horse of the class can take home the win with consistency till the end.  Congrats to Phil and his crew from all of us here at ProCharger superchargers. 

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Coyote Modified - Joe Guertin
F-1A-91 Supercharger

Speaking of "dark horses" this 2016 season was filled with this black fox-body Mustang all season long.  Joe Guertin hailing from the fine state of Florida put the entire Coyote Modified class on the edge of their seats this year, as he came out swinging for the fences.  Joe's car spent the better part of the year winning races, setting records and overall just having an outstanding season from start to finish.  

This simple yet deadly combo of an F-1A-91 head-unit, ProCharger air-to-air intercooler and Ford Coyote motor has proven to be a 7 second dependable package.  Joe and his crew not only have a killer car on their hands but also one of the best attitudes around (Plus we love that American Flag style ProCharger sticker).    In this final race event Joe went all the way to the final round where his R/U finish locked him into the Champion spot.  A MASSIVE congrats from all of us here in the office on this 2016 season Joe, we have all enjoyed the updates after each race! 

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