Once again, ProCharger was out in full force during the 2010 event season, attending events from coast to coast, proving we are the leader when it comes to forced induction and supporting the performance owner and industry. Our team logged thousands of miles supporting industry trade shows, performance events and race events while showcasing exciting new products. It’s only fitting as we reflect back on 2010; we take time to share with all of you, highlights from all events attended.

Dealernews Power Sports Expo

ProCharger’s V-Twin Team made the trek from KC to the city known as the Racing Capital of the World: Indianapolis. ProCharger displayed at the 43rd annual Dealernews Powersports Dealer Expo, February 12 – 15 inside the Indianapolis Convention Center.
As always this four day event attracts huge crowds eager to learn about the latest and greatest in the Power Sports Industry. ProCharger again brought it, showcasing the newly developed intercooled supercharger system for the Polaris Ranger XP Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV). These work hard play hard UTV’s can now work and play harder, simply by bolting on an 8 psi Intercooled ProCharger System, the results are a 40-50% power gain on a stock 800 EFI Ranger XP UTV.
Just a week earlier, ProCharger also attended the V-Twin Expo by Easyriders in Cincinnati, OH with both a large display of some great ProCharged bikes. V-Twin Product Manager, Walt Sipp hosted the first annual educational seminar “Supercharging Basics: Power, Performance and Profits with ProCharger”. Attendees filled the room for the hour long seminar, eager to learn about the latest from The Ultimate Power Adder, ProCharger. See images from the 2010 V-Twin Expo here.
Daytona Bike Week
Daytona Bike Week is a pivotal moment for the motorcycle community and the beginning of another exciting season for motorcycle enthusiast everywhere.  Held in Daytona Beach, FL, Feb 26 – March 7, this exciting event began January 24, 1973 during the running of the Daytona 200. With crowds in excess of 600,000 and 90% of the bikes Harley Davidson, it only makes perfect sense for the V-Twin ProCharger Team to be in attendance. V-Twin Product Manager Walt Sipp made his way to the sunshine state to co-display with Fat Baggers Inc. (FBI), one of our ProCharger dealers.
Race and Performance Expo 
For a second year in a row, ProCharger exhibited at the 3rd Annual Race and Performance Expo held at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, IL, February 26 & 27. Since its inception in 2008, the Race and Performance Expo has seen rapid growth with over 275 exhibitors in attendance and large crowds. Race and Performance Expo offers attendees two days of seminars and an opportunity to check out the latest products the racing and performance aftermarket has to offer. 
Team ProCharger was on hand, once again showcasing the latest in supercharger technology. Our massive display showcased some the latest technology for race only and complete supercharger kits and systems designed for street car use. In addition to this, we showcased the all new ProCharger F-4 supercharger and ProDrive, as well as our new helical gearset (noise reduction) superchargers.
NMRA 17th Annual Nitto Tire Spring Break Shoot-Out Season Opener, Bradenton, FL
ProCharger blew into the sunshine state for the National Mustang Racing Associations (NMRA) season opener at the Bradenton Motorsports Park, March 4-7 for the 17th NMRA season opening event.

All the hard work during the off season paid off, as ProCharger-equipped racers  began the season by dominating the competition. The four day event attracted race enthusiasts from all over to witness the benefits of The Ultimate Power Adder ProCharger. When all the tire smoke cleared, ProCharger-equipped racers left Bradenton with three wins and set six national NMRA records.
NMCA Muscle Car Nationals Season Opener
ProCharger once again rolled into the sunshine state during the month March for the season opener of the National Muscle Car Associations (NMCA) Muscle Car Nationals at the Bradenton Motorsports Park, March 19-21.  
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In the grueling True Street racing Vinny Fiore served notice that True Street cars can handle the mandatory 30-mile cruise and still lay down some outstanding passes. Powered by big block Chevrolet engine and equipped with a legendary ProCharger F-3R-139, Fiore tore through the competition, consistently running in the 7.60s and in winning the event, became the first NMCA True Street car to run in the 7’s during three consecutive passes! Congratulations to Fiore and his crew for establishing this incredible benchmark at the very first event of the NMCA season.
Laughlin River Run
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ProChargers V-Twin Team made their way to Laughlin NV, for the 28th Annual Laughlin River Run. ProCharger co-displayed with Fat Baggers Inc. (FBI) during the April 22-25 event.
NMCA Late-Model HEMI Shootout – ProCharger HEMI Challenge
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ProCharger again made our presence known, as we rolled east to the 3rd Annual Late Model Shop Shoot-Out hosted at Maple Grove Raceway near Reading, PA, June 4 – 6. ProCharger also stepped up to sponsor the ProCharger Challenge for the fastest cars racing in the late-model HEMI classes.

Co-displaying with title sponsor Arrington Performance, the ProCharger Team showcased some of the hottest Late Model HEMI cars on the east coast, including the After FX 2008 wide body Challenger and Rick Ellison’s 2008 Dodge Challenger, both of these cars making nearly 900 HP with their intercooled ProCharger superchargers. Attendance was high and attendees were interested in learning about the ultimate power adder for their HEMI vehicles and asking questions about our HO Intercooled System and Stage II Systems for their cars, trucks and SUVs.
Fords at Carlisle
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The ProCharger Team made their way to Fords of Carlisle held at the infamous Carlisle (PA) Fairgrounds, June 4 – 6. ProCharger co-displayed with restyling-leader and ProCharger dealer, Classic Design Concepts. On display was CDC’s 2010 Mustang GT convertible, complete with numerous CDC restyling components, and of course, a healthy dose of horsepower provided by the ProCharger HO Intercooled Supercharger System. This is the car that was featured in the Sept 2009 issue of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords and was the fist tech article to detail installing the air-to-air intercooled ProCharger system onto the freshly restyled 2010 Mustang 3v GT.
GM & Camaro Nationals at Carlisle
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ProCharger’s Event Team attended the GM Nationals at the famous Carlisle Fairgrounds, June 25 – 27. If you are a GM fan and were with-in driving distance, this year’s GM Nationals was an outstanding event. Numerous ProCharged supercharged and intercooled GM cars and trucks were on display and laying down some serious power on the rear-wheel dyno.

You couldn’t help but notice the ProCharger rig parked in the expansive Manufacturer’s Midway. Numerous ProCharger-equipped cars and engines were on display, including a classic 1969 Camaro SS, multiple 2010 Camaro SS, Corvettes and more. Large crowds and over 1400 cars were on display for everyone to enjoy.
The American Camaro Association also hosted their 12th Annual Camaro Nationals during the GM Nationals. This show-within-a-show included 49 judged classes in 10 levels, from non-judged to ACA Concours will once again be offered. Over 700 Camaros showed in 2009 and with the release of the new Camaro, more than 1,000 Camaros were on the property in 2010. And with the leading centrifugal supercharger systems for late-model GM cars and trucks, the ProCharger display was the place to be.
Chryslers at Carlisle
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For the third time in two months, Team ProCharger returned to the Carlisle Fairgrounds to attend the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals July 9 – 11. This all Mopar event attracted over 2,100 Mopar from all eras and attendance was in excess of 46,000. ProCharger and dealer, High Horse Performance co-displayed, extending the overall ProCharged HEMI presence at the show.

ProCharger’s display was massive with plenty for everyone to see, including a ProCharger Stage II engine display and some of the top Late Model HEMI Chargers, Challengers, Magnums and 300C from up and down the east coast.
LX & Beyond Nationals
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ProCharger made their way to the 2010 LX and Beyond Nationals held at Quaker City Raceway in Salem, OH, July 17 & 18. The two day event featured a vendor midway, car show and two days of heads up drag racing. On site were plenty of ProCharger-equipped late model HEMI vehicles. This is the second year for the LX & Beyond Nationals and is growing in popularity. If you’re a late model HEMI enthusiast, this is an exciting event to attend.
70th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
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There was no shortage of ProCharger V-twin power at this year’s Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in western South Dakota. Being the 70th Anniversary of this great American motorcycling tradition, record crowds were reported and motorcycles filled the streets in Sturgis as well as nearby Deadwood, Spearfish and Rapid City.

For the third consecutive year, the ProCharger “Big Rig” was parked right along the main thoroughfare though downtown Sturgis in AMD’s Champion Park. This year, the Harley-Davidson Company also displayed in Champion’s Park, making it an ideal destination for H-D owners looking for true, bolt-on performance for their 1999 to 2010 Twin Cam and 1984-1999 Evo-powered Harley’s. Go here to see images from the 2010 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.
As is now the custom at Sturgis, several ProCharger owners rode their bikes to Sturgis and parked them in the ProCharger display, making for a changing-daily display of everyday, cross-country-rideable V-twin power. One of the ProCharger owners was on a two-times-across the country trip from Boston, MA to the Oregon coast and then back to Boston! (That’s 3,200 miles EACH way!) If that doesn’t define everyday rideability, we don’t know what does.
Mopar Nationals
ProCharger dealer, Modern Muscle represented ProCharger at the 30th Annual Mopar Nationals held at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH from August 12 thru 14. This exciting three day event is a mecca for Mopar enthusiast and caters solely to Mopar and AMC vehicle owners and offers three days of car shows, swap meets and drag racing.
LSx Shootout
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The NMCA’s LSX Shootout is one of the largest events in the nation for LS owners and Team ProCharger was there. Team ProCharger made their way to St. Louis, MO for the 2010 LSx Shootout held at Gateway International Speedway, Oct 8 – 10th. Co-displaying with ProCharger dealers, Pur Performance and Speedtweekerz, you couldn’t miss the large ProCharger display. 

Large crowds had an opportunity to check out our engine displays and a see a wide range of supercharged and intercooled ProCharged Camaro’s, GTO’s and Corvettes.
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Just behind the Ford Motor Company display in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention center, once again, ProCharger had a powerful and eye-catching display at the Nov. 2 – 5 SEMA Show. ProCharger proved to be The ULTIMATE Pony Car Power Adder by displaying a 2010 Camaro SS, 2011 Mustang 5.0 and 2010 Hurst Performance Edition Challenger; all equipped with an industry-leading intercooled ProCharger supercharger system. The SEMA Show also marked the debut of the Stage II Intercooled System for the hot-selling 2011 5.0 Mustang, as well as the availability of a ProCharger system on Hurst Performance Editions Challengers prepared by Woodhouse Motorsports.

In addition to the cars in our display, more than 30 ProCharger-equipped cars and trucks were on display throughout the show, including RaceSkinz 2011 Mustang 5.0 featured prominently in the Ford display, a late-model HEMI transplant and ProCharged 1968 Charger just inside the main entry in the SEMA Association Center, as well as numerous 2010 SS Camaros, Mustangs, Challengers, Chevelles, GTOs, trucks and SUVs throughout the SEMA Show and Feature Vehicle areas. Everywhere you looked, ProCharger was featured on some of the most powerful cars at SEMA.

PRI (Performance Racing Industry)

For the 12th year in a row, ProCharger displayed at the world’s largest racing products and technologies tradeshow: the Performance Racing Industry Show held December 9 – 11 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando; FL. You couldn’t miss ProCharger as we again were located just inside the two main entrance doors to the tradeshow floor. Attendance was up for 2010 and our knowledgeable ProCharger Team members were on hand to answer everyone’s questions about The Ultimate Power Adder.

Because the focus of this show is racing, ProCharger debut several exciting new products designed specifically for high-horsepower applications, including a Cog Race Kit for the 2011 5.0 Mustang and the production version of the ProCharger F-4 supercharger.

PRI is also the event where we recognize our 2010 Racing Champions from all over the US and Canada. Check out the video below.

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