Enjoy this saucy little highlight video of the ProCharged Mustang GT350R. Read the full blog in the link below!

For 25 years, ProCharger has built the best supercharger systems for Ford Mustang owners. From 1964 to 2019, our engineers have designed the perfect bolt-on supercharger system for virtually every Mustang there is; no matter if it’s a V-6 daily driver or a 3,500hp Pro Mod racecar. However, this blog is about the very special Mustang and its 5.2L VooDoo engine platform. We really don’t know how to capture our excitement when it comes to these 5.2L supercharged monsters. ProCharger was the first company to offer full turnkey systems for these flat-plane crank machines, rocking nearly 800hp on just 6.5psi of boost, but we knew you all itched for MORE! So, our engineers went back into this system and gave it a few updates, a touch more boost, and a new tune. After the dyno rollers stopped turning, the reward was a gain of 351hp over factory hp!