Ski-Doo 1200 - Snowmobiles

The ULTIMATE Power Adder® for the 2009-11 Ski-Doo 1200 snowmobile–350+ Horsepower

This Stage 2 supercharger kit utilizes a highly-efficient ProCharger B-1 self-contained supercharger and custom intercooler for maximum forced-induction power and performance.

With a typical base crankshaft horsepower of 130, the ProCharger-based supercharger system provides for horsepower gains of 85% on a stock engine to a staggering 207% power gain on a fully-built engine.

This same intercooled B-1 supercharger and drive system is capable of supporting even higher HP levels with additional engine and fuel system modifications.

  • Stage 1 (10 psi): 240+ HP
  • Stage 2 (20 psi): 350+ HP
  • Stage 3 (30 psi): 400+ HP

Dunn Performance specializes in building customized, high-performance snowmobiles.
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ProCharger Ski-Doo Intercooler

ProCharger Ski-Doo Supercharger