A Look Back at a Winning ProCharger Summer

A Look Back ...

... at a Winning ProCharger Summer With Fall Shaping up to be More of the Same This has proven to be a long, hot summer for ProCharger’s racers. From July through September, ProCharger dominated the strip, and based on what we’ve seen so far in October, fall will continue to build on this wave of supercharged success. From small regional wins, all the way up to big national stage events, there have been far too many ProCharger equipped on-track successes to count, but we’ve compiled a list of highlights that are just too good not to share.

Big thanks and props to our ProCharger racers as we look continue owning the strip all over the U.S.

Day after day, win after win, is it any wonder that ProCharger has grown to be the world’s leading aftermarket supercharger manufacturer? It’s our racers–both amateur and pro–that continue to push us to the top.

July highlights for the books! 

• July 1 PSCA Heads Up Hootenanny @ St. Louis, MO: Phil Hines won X275 class. ProCharger F1X

• July 1 No Prep Showdown @ Iowa Park, TX: Kayla Morton wins the event. ProCharger F3R-136

• July 2 Strange Engineering Outlaw Street Car Shootout @ Rising Sun, MD: Chris Evans won Ultra Street class. ProCharger F1A-94

• June 2-4 NMCA West Coast Shootout @ Fontana, CA: Johnny Coleman runner-up finish in Outlaw Street class. ProCharger F3R-136

• July 7 Friday Night Fights @ Piedmont, NC: Mauro Vitale wins Outlaw 275/28” tire class. ProCharger F3A-121

• July 14-15 PDRA Mid-America Showdown @ Indianapolis, IN: Kathy Fisher won the Top Dragster class in her ‘’Dragoness” 2015 American Dragster. ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive

• July 16 Warrior Outlaw Race: Dan Whestine won the X275 class: ProCharger F1X

• July 22 KOTS Series @ Motor Mile, VA: Mauro Vitale won the Outlaw 275/28” tire class. ProCharger F3A-121

• July 23 National No Prep Racing Association redemption 8.0 @ Port Allen, LA: Kayla Morton takes home the win. ProCharger F3R-136

• July 27-30 NMCA/NMRA Super Bowl of Drag Racing @ Joliet, IL: Rob Goss runner-up finish in Street Outlaw. ProCharger F1X-12 August

• Aug 8-11 NHRA Division 3 @ Indianapolis, IN: Mike Coughlin takes home the win: ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive

• August 19 PSCA Rocky Mountain Summer Series @ Morrison, CO: Kevin Guthrie won the Outlaw 10.5 class. ProCharger F3R-139

• August 24-27 NMCA All American @ Nationals Norwalk, OH Rich Bruder driving the 93 Fox Body Mustang owned by Manny Buginga took the #1 qualifying spot running 4.352 @ 165.13 mph. ProCharger F1X-12

September highlights at the track!

• Sept 2 WFO No Prep @ Little River Dragway, TX: Rick Hilton won. ProCharger F2

• Sept 8-9 PDRA Drag Wars @ Benson, NC: Matt Cooke won the race and wrapped up the Top Dragster 2017 PDRA World Championship. ProCharger F1X-12 RaceDrive

• Sept 17 PSCA Rocky Mountain Summer Series @ Morrison, CO: Mike Dowling won the Outlaw 10.5 class. ProCharger F3R-136

• Sept 21-24 NMCA World Street Finals @ Indianapolis, IN: Rich Bruder qualified #1 for the second race in a row running in the Street Outlaw class a 4.393 @ 163.87 mph. ProCharger F1X-12

• Sept 28 – Oct.1 NMRA World Finals @ Bowling Green, KY: Rich Bruder won the event in the Street Outlaw class. ProCharger F1X-12

• Sept 29-Oct1 NHRA Midwestern Nationals @ Madison, IL: Mike Coughlin runner-up finish in Top Dragster Class. ProCharger F3R-121 RaceDrive

October is shaping up nice (So Far) with highlights such as:  

• Oct 7-8 Strange Engineering Outlaw Streetcar Shootout @ Rising Sun, MD: Chris Evans takes home the win and the 2017 Ultra Street points championship. ProCharger F1A-94

• Oct. 8 FL2K Race @ Bradenton, FL: Steve Mogle wins Ultra Street. ProCharger F1A-94

• Oct 12-15 No Mercy 8 @ Cecil, GA. Joel Greathouse takes home the win in Ultimate Street. ProCharger F1A-94

Want to take your racing program to the supercharged level?  

Drop us a line to 913-338-2886 M-F 8:30am-5:30pm (CST) and speak with our amazing racing staff.  We can guide you on the best combo for a supercharged success in the future!  If you want to email we got you covered as well at sales@procharger.com

From all of us here in the ProCharger superchargers office, we thank each and everyone of our racers for your amazing efforts!