Car Craft Street Machine of the Year

Shoneck Mustang

The Car Craft Street Machine of the Year competition is a three stage event that tests acceleration, braking, handling and rear wheel horsepower. This year at the Car Craft Summer Nationals, eight of the nations hottest street cars entered the 1982-present model year class. Dan Shoneck's ProCharger supercharged and intercooled GT-500 Mustang put down a dyno number of 817 rwhp, a road course time of 26.2 seconds, and a 60-0 braking distance of only 117 feet, securing him the 1st place spot for the event. This not only established Schoneck's car as the Car Craft Street Machine of the year, but also one of the baddest GT-500's in the country! Look for a feature on his car in an upcoming issue of Car Craft magazine.

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