Bolt on 300+ HP to your stock Mustang!

ProCharger adds 300+ HP to bone-stock Mustangs = EPIC! 

Not long ago having a 300 hp car was common in the performance world.  But that was the past, and NOW, ProCharger has given you the ability to ADD that kind of power on top of your already amazing 435hp Coyote engine powered Mustang GT!  Let's dive into this blog where we show you four Mustangs and how they bolted on supercharger systems and collectively added 1,747 HP to these already amazing machines...

MM&FF Magazine bolts on 307+ HP in a matter of hours! 

The guys from Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords started at 8am in the morning with a stone stock 2016 Mustang automatic...and by the afternoon were literally lighting the asphalt on FIRE, and destroying drag radials with an additional 305HP! (Click HERE for a video of the action)  


The "fire starter" comes from a 270.8 gain AT THE WHEELS on just 10psi of boost from the P-1X ProCharger headunit running 93 pump fuel.   From the stock number of 375 rwhp, she jumped to 646 rear wheel HP with an otherwise stock 2016 Mustang GT - an instant recipe for turning those drag radials into piles of smoldering rubber.  CLICK HERE, or the image below, to read more about this amazing system! 

Car - 2016 Mustang GT Automatic 
Mods - None
Fuel - BP 93 octane
Stock Power - 375.9 rwhp
ProCharged Power - 646.7 rwhp
Gain - 307 hp* 
System - ProCharger Stage 2 with 95lb injectors, HP Tuners NGauge, ProCharger tune, and P-1X Headunit. 

*assumed 13.5% drivetrain loss from SAE ratings. (434 crank stock, 375.9 rwhp stock) 

Engine Power adds over 306+ HP to their otherwise stock Mustang on TV!

If it's one thing Mike and Pat from Engine Power know its horsepower!  And what easier way to add BIG POWER then bolting on a ProCharger supercharger.  The guys install a Stage 2 ProCharger system with P-1X headunit, and walk you through exactly how easy it is to create a 730+ hp supercharged MONSTER in this video below!  

World's highest HP stock GT350 makes 1,030 rwhp!

Mitchell Pope is NO stranger to the kind of performance a ProCharger supercharger can deliver.  For years Mitchell owned one of the fastest MT-82 (the stock manual transmission in a 2011+ Mustang) equipped cars around.  Running deep into the 9's with his daily driven ProCharger supercharged machine until sadly the car was involved in an accident, and ended its racing days.  

So what did Mitchell replace it with?  A ProCharger supercharged GT-350 Shelby Mustang of course!  This time Mitchell wanted to set the world on fire with some amazing numbers out of this stock 5.2L VooDoo engine, and he DID!  Using 17psi of boost from a ProCharger F-1A and "Corn Fuel" in the tank, tuner Rob Shoemaker was able to sneak over FOUR digit power numbers from this stock engine!  

Click the video to enjoy the sounds of that ProCharger supercharged VooDoo engine at full song! 

HP Tuners makes 1000+ rwhp and drives 5,000 miles!

What do the guys that make tuning software drive?  Well a 1000+ rwhp ProCharged Mustang GT of course!  Jay Payson from HP Tuners has been competing with his amazing ProCharger supercharged Mustang for a few years now.  This car has been at the top of its game at many events across the US for the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge, earning him bragging rights for years...

However, this year was different as Jay turned up the boost, dialed in the tune with Peitz Performance, and hit the road for Hot Rod Power Tour.  And what better way to enjoy a 2,500 mile journey then packing 1000+ ProCharged HP?  Click the video below to enjoy all the sounds of this car on the dyno before Power Tour! 

Want to supercharger your daily driver or weekend toy?

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Full details on the kit can be found HERE: Isn't it time you join the 300+ bolt on HP club?

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