2021/2022 F-150 Superchargers Ready to Ship!


When designing and bringing this new F150 supercharger system to market, it was a team effort…Both inside and outside our building. Our engineers already knew design cues would come from our track-proven products, but we also listened to the customer feedback as well…such as…

You wanted aluminum charge tubing – CHECK
You wanted silicone couplers and factory connectors – CHECK
Some folks wanted a 6-rib shared drive system – CHECK (Thats the HO version)
High HP folks wanted proven 8/10 rib drives to hold 1,500hp – CHECK (Thats the STG2 version)
Others wanted a crank support for ultra-high HP builds – CHECK (Ready to ship with STG2 kits)


The foundation of track-proven parts was already in our hands, to develop this kit and adapt those amazing parts to provide the foundation for those that want to build the fastest supercharged F150s possible. Here is what we mean…

Stage 2 Intercooler – This intercooler has already proven itself in virtually all F-1X-powered C6 Corvettes roaming the streets and tracks. And these cars make well north of 1,500hp, and anyone that’s been on the internet is well aware of what they do on the streets, tracks, or half-mile events.

Stage 2 Bracket and Tensioner System – These 100% billet brackets and HD tensioner and CrankSupport when in the 8 or 10-rib form, are the exact same as what has now been proven to not only power 7-second Coyote Mustangs… but also bring home records and championships over the years. (The mounting points were adapted to work with the new F150)

HO 6-Rib Shared Drive System – This system was developed for those that want the quickest installation possible and are also wanting to keep the system to one single belt.

TURN KEY STAGE 2 SYSTEMS = 60-65% More HP the Easy Way!

For those not building all-out race trucks, we have turn-key solutions for you as well.

In just one afternoon in the garage, you can open a box and bolt on parts to create a nearly 700hp truck, including PCM tuning. Choose between the High Output (HO) intercooled system (coming soon) or the Stage II intercooled system that yields a 215 whp gain! To learn more, please click the link below.

Simple DIY Installation!

These F-150 supercharger intercooled kits and systems have an ultra-simple installation, thanks to not having to remove the intake manifold, no fuel system upgrades needed, and no cutting, trimming, or modifying of the factory truck. Simply open the box, start bolting the parts on, load the calibration, and GO!

Of course, not everyone wants to turn wrenches in their garage, so if you prefer to let the pros handle the project, ProCharger’s expansive network of installing dealers means you’ll have no problem finding a quality installer in your area.

The Perfect Supercharger For the 10-Speed Transmission

These new F150’s pack the ultimate transmission to be used with a ProCharger, with 10 gears to choose from (6 of which are non-overdrive) and a step 4.69 first gear. Not only does the ProCharger add tire-destroying TQ off the line, but also LIVES perfectly in the engine’s power band, thanks to the 6 non-overdriven gears. Just don’t blame us when you have to start searching for a stickier tire solution.

2022 Supercharged F-150 Coyote

Other ProCharger Ford Truck Superchargers:

ProCharger has loads of other Ford F-150 and F-250 supercharger systems. From mild to wild, street to race. No matter if you have a 7.3L, 351, 302, 5.4L/6.2L, 5.0L Coyote (and even EcoBoost) our engineering has designed something for you.

2022 Supercharged Superduty
2022 Supercharged Super Duty

We are here for you!

Have more specific questions about this system or any of our other products, please reach us at the links below and we will be happy to assist you.  

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