By now you have all surely either seen or heard about the new LS9 ZR1 Corvette from Chevy. Recently a new ZR1 customer put his on a chassis dyno in stock form and saw 535 RWHP. A big number indeed, but that’s what an Intercooled ProCharger system already does for an LS3-powered C6. Our own Corvette LS3 R&D car was driven off the showroom floor and into our shop. We bolted on a ProCharger Intercooled Supercharger system and instantly made 530 RWHP, and this car doesn’t even have an aftermarket exhaust! Bolt a ProCharger on a Z06, which has an extra 75 horsepower from the factory, and forget about a ZR1 keeping up with you on the strip.

Yes… We are proud that our product will bring a base model Corvette to ZR1 power for less than half the cost but what if you throw a few more modifications at that potent LS3 engine? A recent ProCharger customer posted a dyno sheet, from some recent work he had done, on CorvetteForum.com. The car went into the shop stock and came out with a ProCharger intercooled supercharger system, an aftermarket camshaft, ported throttle body and intake, and custom dyno tuning and made 684 RWHP! Not only is that rear-wheel number 46 ponies above the ZR1’s crank horsepower number but all of this was done in only four days by the crew at Cartek, which is a respected Corvette tuner and ProCharger dealer.

We understand the ZR1 comes with many benefits other than a big power number, but if it’s horsepower your after then a ProCharger supercharger is your choice.

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