The train keeps rolling: ProCharger racers charging to the front of the 2022 season!

After the dominating ’21 season of 203+ ProCharged wins…

…and the amazing start we talked about in the previous blog, ProCharger supercharged racers have continued to do what they do best, which is making consistent A to B passes, going rounds, setting records, and WINNING! This blog is going to dive into the results from the latest events of 2022 as we say congratulations to many teams and their hard work! 

Lights Out 13… ProCharger racers lay down the heat! 

It started with #1 qualifiers and ended up with records, runners-up, and multiple class wins! There are no words to describe how much we all enjoyed watching this event on both the live feed and from our trailer on-site at the track.  Here are the highlights from the drag radial slug fest…


Ken Quartuccio
Radial vs the World 
ProCharger F4X-140 Supercharger

Jason Riley
Limited 235
ProCharger P-1X

Phil Hines
X275 Second Chance (split)
ProCharger F3D-106 


Bryan Markewietz

Eric Dillard


Jason Riley- Limited 235 – 4.926 @ 145.33

Jason Lee – RvW – 3.515 @ 208.07

Rob Goss X275 4.143 @172.89 (E/T RECORD)

NHRA National and Regional Event Results:


Steve Furr
Top Dragster – Valdosta

Jeff Connelly
Top Sportsman– Wild Horse Pass 

Robert May
Top Dragster – Gainesville 3/6/22


Bryan LaFlam
Top Sportsman – Wild Horse Pass 
6.277 @ 219.90

Ross Laris
Top Dragster – Gainesville 
6.100 @ 228.23

Jeff Connelly
Top Sportsman – Wild Horse Pass 
6.156 @ 234.13

NoPrep – Small Tire N/T – NMRA – And MORE HIGHLIGHTS:

Beyond the NHRA and the Drag Radial events, ProCharger racers have been on a roll with many other events, classes, and sanctioning bodies.  Here are some of the highlights that we have found around the web so far from racers running our supercharger.  By no means does this mean this is all the wins since we can’t keep track of everything, so if you know of a friend or family member running our product that has had some amazing race results, please do not hesitate to reach out, so that we can add them to this list.  


Mauro Vitale
Carolina N/T Sunday Funday – Piedmont 3/6/22
Small Tire N/T F3R-121

Samantha Moore
NMRA – Bradenton 3/6/22
Limited Street P-1X

Scott Taylor
Bounty Hunters 6 – Penwell Knights Raceway 3/4/22
Small Tire F3R-136

Jim Teitge
Bang Tha Light – Harrell’s Raceway 3/5/22
Big Tire F3R-136


Team Game Changer
Bounty Hunters 6 – Penwell Knights Raceway 3/4/22
Big Tire

Rodney Weisser
Bounty Hunters 6 – Penwell Knights Raceway 3/5/22
Small Tire

Stacey Roby
NMRA – Bradenton 3/6/22
Limited Street


Samantha Moore
NMRA – Bradenton 3/6/22
Limited Street P-1X
8.151 @ 168.66 RECORD

Time to add your name to this page, it starts by… 

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