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Supercharger kits for 2021 Mustangs: Now Shipping from ProCharger!

Supercharge your 2021 Mustang with ProCharger! 

Ford knocked the Mustangs out of the park when they started the S550 chassis in the 2015 model year, getting better and better each year. Most would argue that these 2018 and newer cars are some of the greatest pony cars ever built. The best part is you can take your fun 460hp Mustang, and with some time in the garage and common hand tools, turn it into an absolute horsepower monster with a ProCharger system or kit!  

Oh, and it requires no permanent modifications to the vehicle…how cool is that?!?!

P-1X with Black Finish
Stage II Intercooler – Satin

That very same kit powers Nick’s stang to 7’s in the 1/4 Mile!

Yes, we said 7 seconds… 7.80 @ 177 mph to be exact. So let’s think about this…its a goal for most streetcars to run 10’s in the 1/4 or maybe even a 9-second glory pass. Well, for Nick Fosnaugh he just went ahead into full-on race car land with his 7-second passes (yes, it’s done it more than once). What’s shocking to most, is that the car still has the IRS (independent rear end suspension) and loads of other stock parts, keeping the car pretty hefty on the scales.  

Nick has put together an amazing combo, while still keeping all the goodies you would enjoy on the way to work… AC, full interior, stereo, etc.  For more details on this build, please refer to his 125 page long build thread on Mustang6g forums by clicking HERE.

ProCharger parts used to make this happen: 
ProCharger Stage 2 Mustang Kit w/ F-1A-94 headunit
ProCharger Stage 2 Air to Air Intercooler
ProCharger Coyote Crank Support 
ProCharger Blower Gaurd Air Screen

Ever wonder how to install a ProCharger supercharger? 

Thanks to the guys over at Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords magazine, you don’t have to imagine it, you can read all about it.  They have done a full step-by-step install of a Stage 2 ProCharger supercharger system from start to finish.  And the numbers are big: 276 Rear Wheel HP (RWHP) gained or approximately 315 Crank HP – with an otherwise stock 2018 Mustang, running only 8.5 psi with the Stage 2 system and 93 octane pump gas.  That’s more than the total HP from a Mustang Cobra just a few decades ago!  This installation is simple and something one can perform using common hand tools over the weekend.  And the best part is not a single piece of your new Mustang needs to be modified to make this system work.  That means no cutting, bending, trimming, grinding, etc.   Don’t take our word for it, just click HERE or on the image below.

For loads more info on this system, please click below:


Want to learn more about adding boost to your Mustang?

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