…just as much as the “coasts” do.  This should come as no surprise since events such as Hot Rod Drag Week, Rocky Mountain Race Week, and many other events ranging from grassroots shootouts to national level NHRA events call the Midwest home. So for this blog we turn our focus to two midwest “No Prep” style races that gained some national attention.  One event is what some may call “The super bowl of No Prep”, as the other is a brand new event that took the city by storm.  So let’s dive into the details that made these events so much fun.


Ever looked at the pit road of a NASCAR track and thought, “Man, I would like to do some 1/8th mile drag racing on that?”…Well, we can’t say that thought ever crossed our minds.  But thankfully that idea did cross the minds of both the Kansas Speedway, and Wyco Racing.  

This event came together in short notice as a “trial” to see how it would pan out.  Well, with classes filling up in 1 weeks’ time and over 3,800 spectators, we have to say it looks like it was a hit.  Spectators of all ages were in attendance with smiles on their faces waiting to cheer on their favorite cars to win, in a venue not familiar to most drag racers.  

One driver in the event was ProCharger Engineer Tyler Van Lant and his ProCharged LS swapped Mustang.  Tyler’s car ran deadly consistent all night and was able to come out victorious in the Daily Street class taking home a $3500 pay day (night).  Tyler’s combo is nothing exotic and relies on very common parts known the LS swap community…such as…6.0L junk yard motor, LSA head swap, Cam from BTR, TH400 trans, and just 16psi of boost.  

The ProCharger supercharger that helps drive this car is a F-1A head unit.  Earlier when we said 16 psi, we used the word  “just” because in the land of LS swapped cars these days, that is actually a low number.  Though boost numbers aside, this car was flat out WORKING in the suspension department.  Tyler puts in loads of hours making sure that his supercharged Cobra not only makes the power, but can put it to the ground.  Between his consistent suspension settings, and the predictable power of the ProCharger, Tyler drove all the way to the final round.  

After his win at Kansas speedway on Saturday Tyler drove the Mustang to work on Monday (like normal) just proving it is a street driven car with the power to win on the race track to.

We couldn’t catch up to all of the ProCharger supercharged powered cars on the property, however we did manage to catch a few. 

Chris Maggard had a killer outing for his first attempt at a true “No Prep” event.  Normally this F-1R supercharged car does battle in another Midwest series known as “Midwest 8.5 Racers Association“.  We look forward to seeing this car do more of these events in the future, as well as some Wins in the 8.5” racing series. 

Another ProCharger supercharged ride on the property was this killer looking/sounding GMC owned by Eric Barnet.  This P-1SC powered truck showed others that even a heavy truck can throw down in this arena.  WE DIG IT! 

Jusin aka “Stangkilr” is the co-owner of the race series known as Street Car Takeover that criss crosses this country each month.  Justin not only puts on the events, but he races in them!  This 900+ HP LT1 powered car has relied on its F-1A head unit and ProCharger air to air intercooler for years to power him to 150+ mph trap speeds.  Traction wasn’t his friend at this event, as he was one of the first few pairs to try and make it down this nearly virgin surface. 

And you KNOW that this event made waves in the city, when the newspaper places it front and center.  Plus Tyler gets the added bonus of being one of the cars on the main image.  Hopefully this is a sign that this fun event will have some premanent roots here in KC, for many years to come.  


This event set the stage for the biggest NO PREP race ever put on, with over 250 cars on the property gunning for $80,000 in payouts, this race was going to be a war.  Spectators filled the stands, and the internet was on fire with the event being live steamed by SpeedVideo.  But what really had our attention was having no shortage of ProCharger supercharged racers ready to take that money home! 

In True Street:

Casey Overton with his LS ProCharger powered Malibu was showing the crowd how he does “No Prep.”  With big wheel stands and winning round after round, Casey made sure all eyes were on him.  Casey relies on a 408 LS combo with an F-1R supercharger to get the job done.  We are willing to bet plenty of videos will be surfacing of this dead hooking Malibu!  Congrats Casey on a job well done at the event. 

In Small Tire:

Jayce Andrade with his ProCharged Big Block Chevy powered Mustang stunned the internet when he swapped from Nitrous to his new ProCharger F-2 supercharger.   Going against all odds, Jayce even still runs his same big block N2O motor with massive amounts of compression (and non-blower cam).   Thanks to mild boost, and the E100 fuel this car drinks, this combo has proven to make cubic loads of power!  

If there is one ProCharger racer that is no stranger to “no prep” racing and small tires it’s Eric Bunton, with his ProCharged Mustang named Big Baller Coupe.  No matter what track Eric comes to, he shows everyone how well a ProCharger car can 60 foot, and his chassis tuning skills.  Honestly too much “hook” might just be the enemy of this car, as it reaches for the sky on many runs (not really a bad thing, unless it goes to high).  Eric uses boost from his F-2 supercharger to power down the 1/8th mile. 

Clint Downs was also in small tire with his wicked ProCharged Small Block Chevy Nova.  Clint’s nova is a well-know car in small tire racing and is always a car to watch for the win. Clint made it all the way to the final 4 cars of the 32 car field before losing in the semifinal round. We want to say congrats and great job to him and his team!  **VIDEO BELOW**

In Big Tire: 

There were 31 big tire cars in the Invite class and then there was a race your way in race. In the race your way in race held Friday the winner won $10,000 and they took the top 3 cars to race for $30,000 with the invite cars.

Cover your EARS, because Brent Austin and his 69 Camaro known as MEGLADON, is HERE!  Brent made it all the way to the final round of the race your way in class and narrowly missed winning $10,000.  This car relies on the consistent power his ProCharger F-3R-136 supercharger brings to the table.  Plus his crews has this car dialed in, and making hits like it’s glued to the track!  Check out the highlights from this 1320Video below. 

If you have watched the TV show “Street Outlaws” you might just recognize this face.  When Kayla Morton isn’t on the show herself or helping her man BoostedGT’s crew, she is gripping the wheel of her ProCharger blown big tire car.  This big block supercharged combo is actually mechanically alky injected which is a little different from the carb and efi combos we see commonly.  Check out this great video below, of some of her highlights from the event. 

Charlie Davis and his 69 ProCharged Camaro was in attendance. The Lizard had a few technical difficulties which put him out early but he was still in good spirits and was super stoked to come back for another event soon! We will be keeping our eyes on this car that’s for sure! 

Charlie Davis and his 69 ProCharged Camaro was in attendance. The Lizard had a few technical difficulties which put him out early but he was still in good spirits and was super stoked to come back for another event soon! We will be keeping our eyes on this car that’s for sure! 

We had a few VIP guests from Street Outlaws, Shane McAlary and his co-driver Bob came by the ProCharger booth to say hello. We are all glad to see him doing better after the recent accident, as we look forward to seeing them back in the seats of the new Vega and working their way back up the list!  


…and as always if you have any questions about boost, and ProCharger power for your ride please drop us a line! We are open M-F 8:30-5:30 CST! 

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