Hot Rod Power Tour 2017 kicked off this year right in ProCharger’s own backyard, Kansas City.  As the week went on, highways of the Midwest and small towns were loaded with an almost unimaginable amount of steel-twisting horsepower and, of course, BOOST!  Cars, trucks, and vehicles of every shape and size showed up to each of the stops at this year’s tour.   

ProCharger was honored to be part of the action with our rolling cavalcade of supercharged goodies.  This blog will try to showcase some of the amazing cars on tour, the stories, and the overall amazing experience.  We hope you enjoy…


From race cars to rat rods and everything in between, there were cars from all makes packing ProCharger boost from start to finish this year.  We will cover just a few of these amazing rides below in a little more detail.  But we do apologize in advance – with so many ProCharger cars on display, there were many for which we never had a chance to catch up with their owners in order to find out their amazing stories.  So please enjoy these highlights below, and check out the gallery for more.

5,000+ miles in 14 days making 1,001 rwhp…

Yes, you are reading that correctly, this very amazing 2015 Mustang GT owned by Jay of HPTuners lays down over 1,000 rwhp.  Now some of you Mustang fans might recognize this car, as it competed last year all over the country in various forms of grueling tests in the Optima Ultimate Street Car Challenge.  This 5.0L engine, built by SAM and backed by an American Powertrain T56 conversion, is holding back all that boost created by the ProCharger F-1A-94 head unit.  Thankfully this Mustang is a monster that still had the road manners to tackle all of the Power Tour and more thanks to Peitz performance tunes.  (Check out the video below, of this car turning the rollers at HOB as it just rolled into town, ready to start the power tour) 

1,460 HP with daily driven street manners…

No this isn’t some fable – we are talking mid four digit power numbers on a car that is still driven to work and evenings out.  This Power Tour cruiser has been all over the Internet this year, as this car gave up its hood earlier in the year to a fellow racer that had lost his.  Sergio has owned this car for over twenty three years, and it has been through various changes in that time.  Each time this Camaro went under the knife, power has been increased to what you see today:  540″ of BBC, ProCharger F-1A-94 stuffing air through a Procharger air-to-water intercooler, then into a carburetor prepped by legendary Carb Shop.    (Check out this cars feature on HotRods website, by clicking HERE) 

800+ HP 91 octane drinking 6.4L HEMI Challenger…

Another car that stopped by the booth on a few days of the tour was this stunning 6.4L SRT HEMI Challenger.  Ryan Miller’s HEMI monster features a built motor, ProCharger F-1A-94, and is rocking our STG2 system.  This car is on a mild 13psi of boost right now, however, Ryan plans on turning it up even further in the future.  Ryan, his wife, and two kids collectively earned the “long haul” award as they completed the entire tour in this amazing Dodge Challenger.  We look forward to what this family has in store for the future! 

The one, the only…ProCharger/Super Chevy pump gas NOVA returns! 

Long time fans of ProCharger will easily recognize this Nova, as will readers of Super Chevy magazine.  This is the NOVA that started it all for the army of “blow through” carbureted ProCharger street and race cars.  This NOVA back in the day was owned by us here at ProCharger to race at various Super Chevy events.  When on 91 octane pump gas, it’s 8.18@170 pass held the record for fastest pump gas car in the US for many, many years (maybe still does).  Well, the new owner of the car took her on Power Tour and people went crazy to see it again.  BEST PART, this car has now gone 200 mph in the 1/4 mile and well into the 7-second range!   We can’t wait to see how much further the new owner can take this car, and we love knowing she’s still being raced. 

10-second family hauler WK2 Jeep Cherokee SRT… 

Justin Stryker doesn’t technically have a “family” to haul in his ProCharger F-1A-94 powered Jeep.  However, that hasn’t stopped him from going after the Jeep WK2 record and racking up miles by doing the entire Power Tour in his 950 rwhp Jeep.  This truck has already run 10.59@130 mph at a race weight of 5,600lbs!  Now that he has relocated to Texas and has a much longer race season to play with his Jeep, Justin has told us he plans on turning this truck up even MORE!  Congrats to you Justin for also making the “long haul” in your killer Jeep.

Mod Motor Swapped, ProCharged, Family Hauling/Camping Wagon 

We can’t say that we use the word “camper” very often in our blogs (if ever).  However, that’s exactly what this 11-second 1963 Fairlane hauls behind it when it’s not on the race track, or being daily driven.  Sean Fling and his family have been enjoying this 4.6L Mod Motor swapped Fairlane for years now, doing events such as Drag Week many times over, and now Power Tour.  If a car could tell a story, we are sure this Fairlane would have plenty.  We don’t know how much power Sean’s car makes since it has never been on a dyno, however its D-1SC ProCharger has to be making plenty to get that large scale hauler into the 11’s for sure.  Congrats to Sean and his family on their amazing machine. 

*Photo Credit to the staff of HOT ROD


Just click (HERE) or on the gallery below for 160+ more images from this years Tour.  We wish we could have stopped and chatted with every owner of every car to hear its amazing story.  However, one thing is for sure: on Power Tour that would never be possible. We look forward to next year for more boost, power, and stories! 


Have any comments or questions about how to get your ride some boost before next year?  Drop us a line to our sales staff at 913-338-2886 M-F CST 8:30 am to 5:30 pm or email us at [email protected] 

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