For months we have heard truck owners BEGGING us for more i-1 supercharger systems, since we released them for the Ford Raptors. Well for the 2007-2013 1500/2500HD GM/GMC owners the wait is OVER!

When asking the question, “Why does a person own a truck?” the answer is simple. It’s because we want a vehicle that can do anything and everything. As a truck owner we want to be able to haul friends/family, we want to be able to tow toys around, we may need to throw stuff in the bed, and to top it all off we still want our trucks to be FAST!

So with the diversity of how a truck gets used, doesn’t it make sense that your power adder should be just as versatile? Of course you do, which is why ProCharger invented the award winning i-1 supercharger. With a simple “swipe” of the finger on your touch screen you can not only dial in the boost that best fits what you are doing, but also the boost curve itself! 

(Raptor Dash Shown)

This 2007-2013 GM Truck/SUV system has two intercooler location options, horizontal and vertical. The horizontal unit is mounted below the truck for those that prefer the “stealth” look, and the vertical unit is mounted behind the grill for those looking to make a statement. For customers wanting to push the HP levels and boost levels up, an even larger vertical intercooler can be purchased.

For those of you with the HD trucks we haven’t forgot about you either. We will be rolling out the i-1 supercharger system for the GM 2500 trucks with the rock solid 6.0L engine platform as well.

ProCharger is also happy to announce the release of the Ford F-150 i-1 supercharger system for trucks with the optional 6.2L engine.  (Not just Raptors) Here is a little video by the crew at MAK Performance. They installed a Raptor kit onto a Harley F-150, that happens to share the same 6.2L engine that the Raptor comes with. In this video you can hear the blower changing modes at idle speed. If you listen close you can hear the impeller speed speed up, and slow down. Pretty cool video, thanks MAK for putting it out there!

Also, while on the topic, ProCharger i-1 supercharger systems for 2011-14 5.0 F-150’s are currently in development and will begin shipping in the spring.

The ProCharger i-1 supercharger system not only delivers performance, but simplicity. 

– Easy bolt on install 

The system comes to your door with everything you need to bolt the system on in your garage. No complicated exhaust work, No cutting or trimming, No fabrication, No hassle. Even the simple air-to-air intercooler is a bolt on item, vs. time consuming air to water intercooler installs. For the i-1 itself, a simple plug-n-play harness is provided to connect the i-1 supercharger to the programmable control box

– Programable Boost Levels

Not only are the boost levels programable, but they are also adjustable on the fly from inside the cab via the touch screen or dial. No pulley changes, No boost controllers, No drama. Imagine you are towing a 7,000lb trailer, and get in an area with bad fuel where running full boost isn’t possible. With the i-1 you can instantly turn down the boost, to make sure your engine is protected even in a situation such as this. 

– Programable Boost Curve 

The i-1 supercharger not only allows a person to pick the boost level of their choosing, but also the “curve” of how the boost comes in. Having this ability can help you tailor your curve for traction limited conditions or towing. 

– Large air-to-air intercooler

For the best cooling of the charge air going into your motor, the i-1 features a large highly effective air-to-air intercooler in the system. These intercoolers easily bolt right in, and are not complicated with no water reservoirs to fill/bleed and no pumps to fail. 

– MPG Increases

Thanks to the efficient design of our supercharger and quality ECU tuning, many of our customers report great gains in fuel economy. Not many people purchase a supercharger to save a few $$ at the gas pump. Though its a good peace of mind to know your install is not going to hurt you at the gas station either. 

So if you are a truck owner and are ready for the Ultimate Power Adder, drop us a line at 913-338-2886 or [email protected]. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and refer you to a ProCharger dealer nearest you! 

Check out the i-1 in action on an LS3 Camaro:

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